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Top Winter Cycling Apparel for 2018

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Here in South Africa, the winter season has begun to swing its chill axe. No one enjoys being cold to bone, or bombarded with wet water drops. So we’ve picked out a few items to help you ride out the winter season in comfort.

Definitely don’t blunt your cycling style either! These latest apparel goodies, are trending and distinctively good-looking. So take a look at our top winter cycling apparel for 2018.

Pearl Izumi Elite Barrier Jacket  


This style buffer, will keep you dry in all conditions, not to mention, shattering the sharp edged sword of the wind. Made from low density and breathable material, the Elite Barrier Jacket can roll up tightly and slot into your back pocket of your cycling jersey. Its lightweight, and carries along some high visibility, to keep you safe in the dark.

Available for women? – Oh-yeah!

RRP: R1 100.00

First Ascent Windblock Cycle Tights


These cycling tights are brilliant at defending you against icy winds. First Ascent also made sure that your legs will stay sweat free, through the absorbent material. The GTR-4D padding that accompanies the Windblock cycle tights, provide some much needed cushioning, so you can ride further and longer.

RRP: R1 299.00



Ciovita Lineare Long Sleeve Jersey

Ciovita have created a beautiful, and comfortable Lycra Fleece jersey. It’s ideal for keeping you warm on early winter morning rides. Plus, it can act as any cold infused wind’s ultimate rival. With its unique material layup, we’d totally recommend it for this year’s bone chilling winter season.

RRP: R1 499.00

Bontrager’s Thermal Knee Warmers

Every rider has got to have that something in their wardrobe, that’ll help keep their knees firing out those watts! What better to wear than knee warmers?! These, Bontrager Thermals will protect your knees from the brisk air, and allow unhindered air flow around the area.

RRP: R 749.00

Pearl Izumi Woman’s SELECT Pursuit Sleeveless Jersey


Available for woman, and its top of the range! Pearl Izumi’s SELECT Pursuit Sleeveless Jersey, is stylish and works its magic on the comfort factor. It features reflect and low light visibility for night or early morning rides. Then there’s the extra bit of convenience, from the easy storage pockets.

RRP: R 800.00

Fizik M3 BOA Cycling Shoe

This buyer’s guide wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t throw a pair of epic kicks in. The Fizik M3 BOA cycling shoe, is made from MicroTex Laser Performance Anti-scratch leather. Making the shoe ideal for wet and muddy conditions. It’s simple, sleek, and features a carbon outer-sole. Which means the M3 BOA weighs in at a feathery 356-grams.

RRP: R5 699.00

Enjoy Fitness Modus Cocoon Long Sleeve Jersey  

With this cycling jersey, Enjoy Fitness have crafted something that’s fast and snug for this winter season. A long sleeve jersey, made from breathable, fleeced, Italian Lycra. It does its fair share of keeping the cold at bay, but still provides maximum moisture absorption.

Available for women? Sure thing!

RRP: R 1 050.00

Pearl Izumi Elite Thermal Arm Warmers

Pearl Izumi’s Dry Technology enables you to ride in all weather conditions. Its elastic fit locks warmth closer to your skin, for a more comfortable ride. The reflective elements also make this pair of arm warmers, ideal for any over-cast day.

RRP: R 380.00

Top Winter Cycling Apparel for 2018


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