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About Us

Our story is one that is continuously being curated and evolving every single day. Its one that dates back to 2015, when Joel Meintjes at the age of 14 started a blog as an outlet for his passion of the simple two-wheeled machine – the bicycle. After building local relationships in the cycling industry, it was very clear that his next growth spurt would be to establish Spark Bike as a credible media platform. Primarily focused on reporting the game-changing cycling tech on the market.

Against the grain…

Close to 4 years passed, and after many rodeos and trips around the same mountain, kind of experiences, one very clear theme stood out; he needed to evolve Spark Bike into something more unique and something that stood for a greater cause (call it a cliche’ but its true). We looked at what conventional cycling media houses were doing and the masses and masses of advertising and very often poorly crafted, mass-produced content, they were putting out there. If you look at the internet today, that’s become the norm for almost every media platform or website. And the worst part is that readers and users accept that form of overcrowded media.

Joel was inspired to make it better and completely turned against this machine of over-populated and endorsed media production on the internet. The stance he took was that we should be able to read or consume wholesome and quality content in a clean space on the internet, without being disturbed and distracted by ads. It was on this basis that Spark Bike 2.0 was birthed – creating a safe, quality and clean space for cyclists to further themselves in skill, knowledge and expertise.

Instead of making money through ads we have turned our backs on the conventional way of media business, and developed a membership program for all cyclists across the globe. This program allows you to support our investigative, journalistic, approach to the industry, and gives you access to all of our exclusive and quality content. We are a thriving haven for all things cycling related and we invite you to experience the sport from a new perspective.

Company highlights…

  • We can be found out riding on the streets or trails of Cape Town, South Africa.
  • We take pride in creating authoritative content, and conveying our message of passion to cyclists all around the world! Our aim is to enthusiastically supply you, the reader, with a fresh outlook on cycling gear!
  • We consume an astronomical amount of coffee every day and some say we are coffee snobs.
  • Follow Joel on Instagram and see where his bike is taking him: