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TESTED: Specialized Camber Comp

The Specialized Camber Comp can be classed as the Rolls Royce when compared to other bikes competing at the same level. Not only does this bike up-hold the Specialized (a bike that looks good from all angles) but it is also a convenient bike; a bike that you need not worry about when speeding down single-track or going all-out on a tough hill. The Camber Comp comes fully loaded and ready for any trail or XC race. We’ve just gotta say though; Specialized sure knows how to bring tech from different brands together to create an unstoppable beast!



The Tech

What makes this bike so incredibly incredible is the frame. The Camber Comp Carbon features a front triangle with Specialized’s unique FACT9mm carbon fibre. The rear triangle is made from the FSR M5 alloy, which we think is a perfect match up, because it gives the bike a loose but powerful feel. We absolutely love the integrated S.W.A.T Door. This is an area in the frame where you can store your tools and will never forget them on a ride.




The suspension plays a huge role in the performance of this bike. The fork is RockShox’s Revelation. Although this shock is fairly priced and cheaper than its competitors, it still gives you that quality shock absorption. The fork is quite light weight since it is air sprung, and it features 120mm travel. The rear shock has been specially built for Specialized by FOX. The Float Performance also exhibits phenomenal performance with the AutoSag technology. Because of the weight and travel of the suspension, the Camber Comp immediately falls into the trail/xc bike category!



The Sram GX 1X11 drivetrain performed exceptionally well. It brings affordability to the bike without sacrificing performance. The Command Post IRcc by Specialized is also what makes this bike a bridge between trail and xc riding. It is responsive and offers 3 different levels of seat positions. Plus, with Shimano brakes that are very powerful and the rest of the components that are produced by Specialized, all make this bike a perfect all-rounder!





Specialized have a way of bringing together components from different brands and making them work together for a brilliant ride. This is one of the reasons why Specialized is so successful at engineering bikes!




The Ride

Specialized have used their Trail 29 Geometry on the Camber Comp and you can definitely feel the difference in the riding position. You sit on the bike with the comfort of a trial bike but still get that racing feel through your legs. Plus, with the dropper seat post, it eliminates the chore of getting off your bike and adjusting your saddle height, which just makes the ride more enjoyable.



Going uphill is not so bad with this bike, in-fact it is quite easy, thanks to the 1×11 gear-set. The bike has just got that attack feel towards up hills. The Camber Comp is certainly not shy on the downhills either, it literally just goes!!!


The 2.3 inch wall tyres on this bike are surprisingly manoeuvrable on single-track, and with rolling over bumps; the bike is so smooth. You ride quite speedy on the bike, and because of the gear ratio your legs just don’t seem to run out of power. The front shock does feel a bit soft when you encounter drops, but you never feel that you’ll fly over the handle bars. It’s like this bike is naturally balanced and fast!


The Camber kind-of bridges the gap between trail and xc bikes. It has that character where you feel you can ride the bike forever. The Camber Comp Carbon 29 is priced reasonably, not as expensive as to model bikes but not super cheap either. It feels like you are riding a top model bike though!


All-in-all the bike performed great, I think Specialized hit it good when they created the Camber!

Price: R 54999

Credits: Special thanks to the guys at TygerBerg Cycles for helping to make this happen. You can purchase your Camber at their store or just stop by to have a chat with Mike(the owner), he’s got a pretty neat story himself to tell!

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Built for: Dual Suspension Trail
Year launched: 2022