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Technology: Pinarello Dogma F10

Presenting Team Sky’s new race weapon, the Pinarello Dogma F10!

From Pinarello’s revolutionary F8, that powered Chris Froome to victory at the 2016 Tour de France, comes the dauntless F10. It’s a step-up from the F8 with a blend of genetics from Pinarello’s Time-Trial specific, Bolide. The Bolide is slightly more aerodynamic than the F8, so it comes as no surprise that Pinarello would’ve incorporated that same aero design in the shape of the new F10.

World Class!

The F10 frame sits at a next-level meaning of 820g, that’s 6.3% lighter than the F8! That drop in weight does not come at a cost in frame stiffness though. The F10 pulls away at 7% stiffer than the F8, which is a remarkable accomplishment in bike engineering. Stronger, yet lighter!

While the geometry between the F8 and F10 are roughly the same, the true distinction is the new concave down-tube. It ultimately reduces drag by a whopping 12.6%.

Then we’ve got the newly added Fork-Flap Drop-outs, that brings drag down in that area by another 10%!

Upgraded Integration  

The new integration comes in the form of the E-LINK; situating the main junction of the new Shimano Dura-Ace Di2 in the down-tube of the frame. All the cables are directed internally, towards the rough centre of the down tube, specifically where the junction is. Pinarello then added a service hatch to the down tube, for ease of access to the junction.

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So far, Chris Froome has given some positive feed-back on the F10, and has publicly commended the Pinarello engineers for creating a “natural born winner!”

Source: Pinarello

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