Swift Carbon ATTACK G2 vs Cervelo S2


Swift and Cervelo; two competitive and high-class brands, that have both created two very competitive road bikes. The Swift ATTACK G2 and Cervelo S2, meet on the battlefield of our Tech Wars program. Only one of these bikes will prove to be better than the other.

  • The G2 has a humble personality, but still kicks butt!
  • The S2 is a stealth bomber, it is quiet yet speedy!

Swift Carbon ATTACK G2

Swift produces some of the best carbon fibre for bicycles. Swift’s advantage lies in their carbon tech. They pay attention to getting a balanced performance out of their bikes.

Swift brings on a new twist of geometry, with the G2 having a stiffer head tube and an oversized bottom-bracket (BB86). This feature of their frame tech allows the bike to sprint and climb better. The G2’s carbon fibre is able to flex nicely and also cancel out vibration, adding to a rider’s overall experience.


Their carbon fibre is made with Glide Technology, and in an EPS moulding system. So basically, the carbon is smooth, sturdy and constantly layered on the inside.

Attack_Gallery_7“I think Swift’s carbon tech has been underrated, it is quality and of very high standard, this should be the next best carbon fibre out there.”

Cervelo S2

The S2 is all about your experience on the bike. What makes your experience so enjoyable, you might ask. It’s the technology features, is what the answer would be.


Cervelo’s BBright tech makes use of a wider frame tube on the left side of the bottom-bracket. This provides more stability. Cervelo have also used their Evolved Steerer design, which makes the lower part of the fork steerer wider and stiffer, providing maximum control. The S2’s aerodynamics are uniquely engineered, with a partially cut-out seat tube and a brilliantly, bullet-like, upper and down tube. There is no doubt you’ll be setting the pace on this bike! Because of the S2’s stiffness, provided by Cervelo’s steerer design and BBright technology, you as the rider are able to channel more energy into pedalling and getting up to speed.

S2_1_0000_S2_8Bike Gear Rating:

ATTACK G2 Cervelo S2
Frame: 10.0 Frame: 10.0
Rims: 9.0 Rims: 8.0
Drivetrain: 8.5 Drivetrain: 9.5
Comfort: 8.5 Comfort: 8.5
Speed: 10.0 Speed: 8.0
Endurance: 9.0 Endurance: 10.0


The Winner

Our final verdict for the bike with the best tech between these two: The G2 has got a brilliant carbon fibre design, but the Cervelo S2’s tech features far outweigh the G2’s tech. Therefore, we are pleased to announce that the S2 is the winner of this tech wars article!

We think the that Swift will become the leader in frame carbon fibre in the future, as we are seeing more and more Swifts on the road and off-road. For now, Cervelo’s technology has proved better. It just benefits the cyclist in more ways.

Joel Meintjes

Joel Meintjes

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