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Silverback Stratos CF 1 takes home 2020 Design & Innovation Award

For many years, the bike industry seemed to strive for progress for progress’ sake, where “new” was the maxim and manufacturers paid little attention to sustainability or cost-effectiveness.

All that mattered was who’s got the latest, most out-there product. But “new” isn’t always better. Only when innovation solves problems and significantly improves factors such as performance, durability or handling, can we speak of innovation.

The Design & Innovation Award spared no effort to test the latest products. Testing the bikes on incredibly diverse range of mountain bike routes as well as alpine roads around the Dolomites paradise of St. Vigil in South Tyrol.

The leading award of the bike world – The Design & Innovation Award is the seal of quality for the most outstanding bike products.


Among the numerous submissions, there were many exciting products and a number of ground-breaking, tangible innovations – and while some actually solve real-life problems, others are just old-acquaintances in a new fancy dress … some others even create entirely new problems! Not only does the Design & Innovation Award honour the most outstanding products of the coming season, but it also provides guidance in a complex era of ever-changing trends and would-be trends.


This visceral passion is the foundation stone of the award, a desire to pick out the best products that will bring you the best experiences.

The jury of the Design & Innovation Award isn’t easily fooled by major brands and elaborate marketing campaigns. They give, the supposed underdogs enough attention to try to convince the jury with what they’ve got to offer.

You cannot simply measure a product’s potential or worth in a boardroom or laboratory. A good product often adds up to more than the sum of its parts and to truly understand it, you have to go out and use it.The Design & Innovation Award

THE STRATOS CF 1 – Design & Innovation Award

“The Silverback Stratos CF1 is a full-suspension XC rig for thoroughbred racers seeking maximum acceleration. The stiff rear end means minimal pedal kickback and ensures powerful acceleration from a stillstand. Whilst 100mm of travel and 29“ carbon wheels provide good rollover characteristics, the balanced geometry inspires confidence on sketchy downhills. On climbs, the Silverback is a twowheeled rocket, which is no surprise considering its  weight of 10.86 kg. The full carbon frame provides a high degree of vertical stiffness without feeling excessively harsh or uncomfortable. And the asymmetric rear-end is true eye-candy. No matter how varied or challenging the next XC track may be, the Stratos Silverback will handle it with gusto!”

Source: Silverback Bikes

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