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Shimano revamp their ME7 and ME5 MTB shoe line-up

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The Shimano ME5 and ME7 series’ are multi-condition, Trail/Enduro shoes that combine pedaling performance and off-the-bike grip.

Whether you’re looking for a race shoe or an all-rounder, SHIMANO’s ME7 and ME5 have you covered. The ME7 is Shimano’s elite racing shoe so, as you can expect, it comes with a healthy dose of feedback and studies gathered from athletes in 2019’s Enduro World Series rounds. The ME5 translates that racing technology into a shoe that’s at home under the foot of competitive and demanding riders looking for a different mix of pedaling stiffness, grip and comfort.

Shimano ME7 features:

  • A NEW MICHELIN® high-performance, dual-density rubber outsole to offer superior traction with unmatched durability, stability, and slip resistance
  • A NEW low-profile, reverse mount buckle tucked away from obstacles to securely hold the foot
  • Lightweight pedaling efficiency plus the durability, grip, and armor that aggressive trail riders need
  • Perforated synthetic leather upper optimizes comfort, fit and breathability
  • Neoprene stretchable ankle collar offering additional protection from trail debris
  • Speed lacing system securely fitting a wide range of foot shapes
  • Sealed cleat area to keep water out
  • Torsional “TORBAL” midsole to allow for natural rider ‘flow’ during downhill descents
  • Volume+ last with extra toe-box volume to accommodate comfort in wider range of foot shapes without affecting shoe length. Enables ultra-wide range of feet sizes in sizes 38-50.

Weight: 400g (size 42), Stiffness: 8/12, Sizing: 38, 39, 40, 41-46 (half sizes), 47, 48, 49, 50.

Availability: From September 2020 onwards.

Shimano ME5 features:

  • NEW single Boa® L6 dial for quick and precise micro-adjustment plus closure cap to prevent accidental release during collisions
  • Dedicated trail performance shoe combining excellent stiffness for pedaling with off the bike traction.
  • Reinforced armor provides great protection and excellent durability
  • Proprietary SHIMANO grippy rubber compound outsole offering superior traction in wet conditions
  • Torsional “TORBAL” midsole to allow for natural rider ‘flow’ motion during downhill descents.

Weight: 362g (size 42), Stiffness: 6/12, Sizes: 38-5o.

Availability: From September 2020 onwards.

Source: Shimano Europe

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Year launched: 2022