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Quarq launches two new DZero-based power meters

Quarq has extended its next-generation DZero power meter platform, adding a spider for Specialized’s S-Works carbon crankset and chassis for Shimano®’s Dura-Ace® R9100 chainrings.

Quarq DZero for Specialized and Quarq DFour91 are available through Quarq distributors and dealers worldwide beginning today.

Both new power meters embody 10 years of Quarq advances in power meter technology, plus features such as dual Bluetooth low energy and ANT+™ wireless data transfer, Quarq’s latest measurement circuit, and the Qalvin BLE app. Riders also get AxCad accelerometer cadence, the easy-to-replace CR2032 battery, an IPX7 waterproof rating and a 2-year warranty.

With the introduction of DZero for Specialized and the new DFour91 Power Meter for Shimano®’s Dura-Ace® R9100 series, Quarq extends its DZero platform to seven power meters.

Quarq DFour91

Designed especially for Shimano®’s Dura-Ace® R9100 series, the Quarq DFour91 Power Meter brings Quarq’s next-generation DZero platform to Shimano®’s latest groupset. The DFour91 power meter is a bolt-on upgrade, pairing with the 11-speed Dura-Ace® R9100 chainrings.

Get the chassis, which includes Quarq’s lightweight, sturdy Exogram™ carbon crank arms. The GXP and BB30 versions work with every bottom bracket shell, including BBright and BB386EVO. If you already have a power meter using the 8-bolt interface, upgrade with the DFour91 spider.

Things to Remember


DZero for Specialized

DZero is Quarq’s next-generation power meter platform. Now Quarq has introduced a DZero spider designed to replace the factory spider on Specialized’s S-Works carbon crankset.

Things to Remember

  • Traditional 5-arm spider compatible with Specialized S- Works Carbon Road Crank Arms from 2013-2017. Learn more about compatibility.
  • Available in 110 BCD and 130 BCD.
  • Replaces the standard spider.
  • A Specialized lock ring tool is required for installation.
Source: Quarq

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