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New Santa Cruz Blur enters the XCO ring

Image of Santa Cruz Blur

Rumors of a new XCO bike from Santa Cruz were recently put to rest, as the Californian based brand launched the new Blur. It enters the ring with two kind of builds; one for courses that require slightly longer suspension travel, and the other with shorter shock travel.

Key Highlights:

XC vs TR

The TR builds feature more travel (115mm rear, 120mm front) slightly beefier tires (Maxxis Rekon), a full height adjust dropper post, no lockout remote, and larger brake rotors. It’s not a trail bike, it’s a XC bike for certain courses.

Light Carbon Frame

The full-suspension Blur is lighter than most pre-race dinners you’ll eat – 289g saving over previous generation.

Reserve 28 XC wheels

This is the lightest Reserve MTB rim (385g or 1367g complete). The rim bed is shallower and wider, meant for the newer generation of higher volume XC tires which are popular with elite racers.

Geo to match

The Blur’s chainstay length is matched to frame size so every rider, no matter their height, gets the same balanced geometry and bike fit.

Two water bottles

Two water bottle mounts within the front triangle mean there’s enough juice (or whatever electrolytes you choose) to keep the engine running.

No proprietary gubbins

There’s no fiddly proprietary parts that could leave you stranded in a Cape Epic or Breck Epic campsite.

Many to last many lifetimes

The legendary Santa Cruz fit, finish and quality construction put this into a league of its own. The frame, bearings and optional Reserve wheels come with a lifetime warranty and any service is easy to do with our Rider Support pledge.


The only thing you’ll be dropping is your competitors

Image Source: Santa Cruz Bicycles

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Built for: Dual Suspension Trail
Year launched: 2022