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New Gear: Rotor’s new UNO – A hydraulic-actuated road group set

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Ushering in a cycling revolution is Rotor’s new hydraulic-actuated road group set, UNO. It’s a much anticipated, world-first innovation, making use of Rotor’s exceptional drivetrain engineering skills. UNO is the answer to all the riders seeking precision and efficiency at minimal weight. Oh, and did we mention, its hand-assembled in Madrid, Spain, for extra superiority in quality!

No nitty-gritty!

The Rotor UNO drivetrain, features a simple design on the rear derailleur, efficient shifting and clocks-in a low maintenance nature. While consisting of 600 individual parts, UNO was built with the best material, mixing carbon fibre and lightweight 7075 aluminium components.

Being hydraulically activated doesn’t mean that UNO comprimises the simple pleasures of gear shifting. The total group set weighs in at a feathery 135-grams and can shift up to 4 cogs at once. Ensuring you always perform at your best.

Other than checking the hydraulic fluid, UNO is practically maintenance free! Pressure point regulators allow instant derailleur alignment, so you can spend more time on your bike, and less time making adjustments. Plus, the internal cable routing neatens everything up and adds to the bike style.

Final Thoughts:    

The Rotor UNO has received a EUROBIKE Design award. So there’s definitely something special here. Leaving us with the question; are hydraulic gear sets the future?

Photos: Rotor Cycling

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