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Bontrager Circuit MIPS Helmet Review – Light it Up!

Go ahead and count to one. Because one helmet, is all you’ll ever need! The Bontrager Circuit MIPS helmet, adapts to all environments. From dark to light. Risky to safe. The Circuit covers you like a hard-bitten security blanket. Its MIPS technology, and Blendr mounts prove the helmet to be a go-to for any type of rider. Not to mention its solid shape, which makes it durable under harsh conditions.

It’s a Safe-Zone

The new Bontrager Circuit comes straight off the rack, with MIPS brain protection technology. This technology has been constructed specifically for the helmet’s new shape, and mimics the brain’s way of protecting itself. Its thin profile also keeps the bulky factor of the helmet down. Which will in-turn, shove performance levels up! For those of you that are unfamiliar with MIPS technology should know that it’s a master at compensating for angled impacts on the head. Keeping you safe at all times and allowing the Circuit itself to handle unpredictable impacts better.

We’re down-right impressed with the safety features Bontrager has managed to cram into this helmet. The revolutionary BOA fitting system tightens the Circuit to your head with force – giving you that secure feeling that any helmet should have. The air vents are super wide to provide maximum cooling power. However, Bontrager has not compromised on helmet integrity. The Circuit is solid all-around.

Blend it!

Bontrager’s smart way of making sure everything integrates, is branded as their Blendr system. The Circuit features this same system for its light and camera mounts. With a magnetic clip-on, clip-off way of attaching lights and cameras, the Blendr system lives up to its innovative name. You can run specially designed Bontrager lights on these mounts, or any other compatible brand. And you can do all this, without pushing the 300-gram helmet up by much in weight.

Bontrager Velocis and Circuit side-by-side:

Velocis: Circuit:
R 3,299.00 R 2,599.00
266g – medium 300g – medium
Aero factor – 8/10 Aero factor 7/10

No Sweat.

The Circuit derives its cool, head venting design from the Velocis. And since the Velocis is super aerodynamic and built for the racing scene, the Circuit naturally follows in its foot-steps. The helmet felt airy and light on our heads. Even though in numbers its slightly on the heavy side, due to the Blendr mounts. The only time we really felt the weight of it, was when we attached lights to the helmet itself. Anyhow, the Circuit makes your head feel secure no matter what.

In terms of performance, the Circuit gives its peers a real run for their money. Especially if you consider the price tag. The brand’s AgION antimicrobial padding draws moisture away from your skin. Which kept our head high and dry, and eliminated sweat dripping down on to our face. The strap also impressed us, with its light touch and easy adjustment. No chaffing against our chin or neck, here!


One thing we concretely concluded about the Bontrager Circuit, is that is been skilfully thought-out with superb functionality features. Bontrager have given attention to every detail. And all that work put into the helmet’s design has paid-off. Not just for keep riders safe and alive, but also keeping them smiling along the path they’re on. Its proven to us that it’s an exceptional, multipurpose helmet.

Price: R 2,599.00

Bontrager Circuit MIPS Helmet Review – Light it Up!

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