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Trek unveil their new Super Commuter+ 7

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Trek has unveiled an electric bike that aims to improve the way people get around in cities around the world. Say goodbye to parking fees and traffic jams. The all-new Super Commuter+ 7 is a sleek,powerful e-bike built to simplify your daily grind.

Super Commuter+ 7 is a complete departure from electric bikes of the past, and it draws from 40+ years of experience building bicycles, 15 years of e-bike innovation, and a continuing partnership with Bosch, the leaders in e-bike technology.

More power, more possibility

Like all Trek e-bikes, Super Commuter+ 7 employs pedal-assist technology that boosts a rider’s power and increases speed and distance. It’s equipped with a 250-watt Bosch Performance motor that helps you sustain speeds of over 30 km/h, a long-life 500Wh Bosch Power-pack battery,and an elegant Bosch Purion controller.

Eye-catching design

Even at first glance, Super Commuter+ 7 is something extraordinary. The bike’s battery is integrated into the down tube for a sleek, seamless look. The bike also has an integrated Super Nova Mini-2 lighting system, with powerful front and rear lights that deliver outstanding visibility in all hours of the day and night. The lighting system charges off the battery, eliminating the need to charge lights separately.

Created to commute with ease

Super Commuter+ 7 was created to stand up to the toughest commutes. Wide, high-volume, 27.5+ x 2.4˝ Schwalbe Super Moto-Xtires combat potholes and roadway debris, while 180mm direct-mount hydraulic disc brakes and a carbon fibre e2 fork deliver confident all-weather stopping power in any conditions.


The bike also comes equipped with commute-ready accessories like an integrated low-profile Tubus rack, fenders, and a rear-mount kickstand. The MTB-style chain guide virtually eliminates chain-drop, even over rough terrain, and braze-ons under the top tube make it easy to customize your ride with additional commuter gear.

Performance that goes the distance

With a maximum assist of 32 km/h, Super Commuter+ 7 makes covering long distances in speed and comfort a reality. For the first time, replacing one’s car with a bike is a real possibility for more people around the world.


Super Commuter+ 7 is available immediately in sizes 45, 50, 55 and 60 cm through Trek’s wide network of retail partners for R79,999.

Super Commuter+ 7 FAQ

What models of Super Commuter+ are available?

Super Commuter+ 8S, with Shimano SLX 11-speed and a maximum speed of 28mph/45kph.

Super Commuter+ 7, with Shimano Deore 10-speed and a maximum speed of 20mph/32kph.

Which BOSCH system does Super Commuter+ 7 have?

Super Commuter+ 7 uses a Bosch Cruise Line 250-watt motor with an integrated Power-pack 500-watt hour battery.

What is the range of the battery?

The battery’s range will be determined by several variables, including terrain, wind, rider weight,and riding preferences. As a result, range can vary from 15-100 miles/32-160 kilometers.



Bosch has a handy e-bike range calculator that will help you estimate range for specific riding conditions. [Hyperlink “Range Cockpit” ]

How long does it take to charge the battery?

Approximately 3-5 hours.

How do you charge the battery?

The battery charges much like a smartphone does. Plug the charger into a wall outlet and connect it to the plug on the side of the down-tube, or simply remove the battery and plug it in. All five green LEDs will light up when the battery is fully charged.

What is included with Super Commuter+ 7?

The bike comes equipped with custom fenders, rear rack, Super Nova headlight and tail light, a rear-mount kickstand, charger, and a key set for the battery.



Why did Trek choose the Supernova light?

The Super Nova Mini-2 headlight and E3 tail light is a global benchmark for beam quality and durability and they are custom made for e-bike compatibility.  

Where can Super Commuter+ 7 be serviced?

Trek retailers with Trek Certified Expert Technicians or Bosch Certified Technicians have the tools and expertise to work on the Bosch system.

Can I ride Super Commuter+ 7 without the assist?

Yes, you can. The motor and the battery are built into the middle of the bike, so the weight is balanced much like a non-electric bike. The bike is heavier because of these pedal-assist features, but because the weight is centralized, you won’t feel the bike sway like you would with a hub motor or rack-mounted battery.

How many assist modes does Super Commuter+ 7 have?

Super Commuter+ 7 has four levels of pedal assist: Eco, Tour, Sport, and Turbo. Riders can quickly change modes with the Purion controller. Using a lower level of assist saves battery, while higher levels of assist help riders easily accelerate and climb hills.

What happens if I lose my battery key?

For ease of replacement, we recommend you record the key’s code in a secure location. It can even be programmed in the Bosch head unit by the retailer. With the code, replacement keys can easily be ordered directly fromABUS at

Can I leave the battery on the bike? 



Is the battery waterproof?


Can I lock the battery?

Yes, but we recommend keeping the battery out of extreme heat or cold.

What are the warranty terms for Super Commuter+ 7?

The frame has a lifetime warranty. The motor has a 2-year warranty through Bosch. The battery has a500-charge cycle/2-year warranty (whichever comes first) through Bosch.

Will replacement batteries be available?

For replacement batteries and warranty claims, retailers will need to contact their local Bosch Service Center. For the US market, this is Magura USA.

Can I charge by pedaling?

No, you cannot. Regenerative motors are more commonly found on hub motors. Trek uses a more efficient Bosch mid-drive motor that is built into the frame. Most regenerative motors given eligible energy back to the battery and sacrifice a lot in efficiency. 

Will the lights still work if the battery is dead?

Yes—the lights will work long enough to get most riders home!


What accessories are compatible?

There is a conventional water bottle mount on the seat tube, and the rack accepts most common panniers.

What is the rack weight limit?

The rack has been tested up to 33lbs/15kgs.

Source: CH Communications 

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