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The All-New unprecedented Cannondale LEFTY Ocho Fork

Unveiled in Albstadt, Germany, on the new Cannondale F-SI, we’re stoked to show you the all-new LEFTY Ocho Fork. This new revolutionary XC fork, is boasted by Cannondale as the simplest and lightest for ever. Manuel Fumic certainly seems to think so as well. As he has chosen to race it at the 2nd of the UCI XC World on the 19th of May 2018.

So while the new Cannondale LEFTY Ocho offers more precise handling and better bump absorption, let’s take a look at what all the hype is about!


  • Low friction shock absorption.
  • Single-crown, single-sided XC fork.
  • Made from stronger and stiffer material.
  • 250grams lighter than the previous LEFTY.
  • New Chamber damper.
  • Stiffest and lightest fork in the world.

“Because stiffness, like so many things, is a double-edged sword: Too flexy and you’ve got a noodle that won’t go where it’s told. Too stiff, or stiff in the wrong places, and it wants to ricochet and bounce, instead of float and flow. Ocho’s unique single-crown design, and triangle-in-triangle telescope, give us unprecedented ability to tailor the stiffness of the fork. For the stiffness to go, and the give to flow.” – Cannondale

Key Functions:

  • OppO Air Sprung system.
  • External Compression adjustability.
  • Side-car air valve.
  • Cable lockout.
  • StopLock brake mount.
  • Guide Guard.


Source: Cannondale Bikes 

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