Technology: Trek’s Daytime Running Lights

Trek’s endeavour to make cycling safer, could not have paid off in a much better way, than with the launch of their daytime-running lights. Trek deeply explain, that according to research, the vast majority of cycling accidents happen in day-time. Therefore, day-time running lights will look to decrease the chances of this happening. A simple, see-a-need fill-a-need, situation.

Bontrager Flare R Tail Light

The Flare R is at the forefront of Trek’s tail light series. It features Cree LEDs that extend your presence by lighting up the road behind you, as far as a whopping 2 km! The 65 lumens create a full 270-degree visibility shield.

The tail light gives you two mode options for day-time and night-time, which are basically just adjustments to the brightness of the light, depending on your circumstances. Plus, its designed to enter a battery saving mode, when power levels drop to 5%, ensuring you have light enough to get home.

The convenience of the Flare R comes in the form of an easily figured mount and USB charging port.

R849.00 – Bontrager Flare R

Bontrager Ion 800 R Front Light

The principle of using Cree LED’s is the same for the Ion 800 R. It gives you a 270-degree visibility range, so that you can always see what lies ahead. Cyclists often need to see in great detail, the path ahead, and for that, this front light has a powerful 800 lumen output. Featuring 5 modes, each at different lumen settings: 800LM-1.5Hrs, 450LM-3Hrs, 200LM-6Hrs, Night-Flash-20Hrs, Day-time Flash-20Hrs.

Another nice thing about the Ion 800 R is that its fully charged within 6 Hours matching to the functionality of being convenient. Then to add to that, you have the secure mount and sleek, compact design.

R1 799.00 – Ion 800 R

Trek’s daytime running lights will save lives, for sure. It’s all part of their “Be Seen” Campaign which we’d back-up anytime.

Photos: Trek Website

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