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Swift Carbon Attack G2 Review

I tell you mate; once you’ve ridden the Swift Carbon Attack G2, you really begin to appreciate all the effort, that the engineers put into crafting a beautiful machine!

At first glance, the bike gives you a humble impression. However, humble is not a fitting word for how the Attack G2 performs! It’s got a nice aggressive feel to it, and also a very focused nature.

Swift Carbon doesn’t rely on tech labels on the frame to do the talking. Instead they rely on bike spirit, and one thing is for sure, it doesn’t tell lies!



Frame – Swift Carbon’s high-grade carbon fibre is the highlight of the bike. Swift uses incredible technology to form carbon fibre. Instead of stuffing the frame with tech that does this, and tech that does that; they’ve just got pure carbon fibre that flexes in some areas, and is strengthened in other areas of the frame.

Fork – This is the cherry on top; with a smooth, bullet-like design; it reduces friction between the carbon and wind, to stream-line your bike completely.

Gear-set + Brakes – The Shimano 105 gear-set, shifters and brakes, did their jobs epically!

Ritchey – These guys took care of the handlebars, saddle and seat post with passion!

Wheels – Mavic Aksium rims were paired up with Mavic Yksion Elite Quarro tyres, with both maximised grip and functionality.

2X11 Spd – The gear ratio that was fitted really went well with exhibiting what the bike is meant to do – endurance and pure speed were on the cards with the gear setup.


Geometry Benefits:

The fork juts of the head tube at a 73.3-degree angle, with the fork legs at about 20mm of thickness. This provides you with a stable ride, and since the fork is one of the first components to hit the air; cuts through the air with hardly any resistance. The frame sits approximately 375mm above the front axle, so this means that even when you’re in a natural riding position; you’re still pretty low to the ground, and pretty aerodynamic. Plus, the front axle is about 12.5 cm long, so once again – super aerodynamic, as the fork sticks pretty close to the wheel itself.

On the frame side; the 73.3-degree head angle along with a 72.6-degree seat post angle, allows your position on the bike to be grooved into a nice centre of balance. As to how the head-tube angle affects steering; it’s not too nippy around corners, but doesn’t have a sluggish feel when steering into the corner either. The wheel base also sits at a length of 99.7 cm, which allows you to cover good distance at a time, but still have that compact design of a road bike.


You’ve got about 38.1 cm of reach. This does make you feel a bit stretched, especially when you drop down onto the curved bars, but you can go for a bike fitting to get that fixed.

So, the Attack G2 has a well-crafted areo design, comfortable normal position, and features a great sprinting position.

All measurements specific to a medium frame.

Performance Report:

Our test consisted of one major 253m climb and descent, with nice long sections to test the bike’s endurance.

The frame material and geometric design, definitely played a key-roll when we rode on some unsightly tar. I never felt that I was rattling around and bouncing on my seat, just smooth sailing ahead!


The Attack G2 really climbs hills like it’s nothing! Sure, I sweated all the way uphill, but I truly felt that every watt of energy was channelled to propel me forwards.

Descends better than your sweetest dreams! Extremely stable and aerodynamic; the wind hardly blew the bike around. When I rounded corners the bike didn’t even squabble or succumb to the nature of the ground.

Once again, sprinting on the Attack G2 is super stabilized. As soon as I’d push hard on one crank, the bike would lean into that downward thrust, but would quickly be countered on the other side of the bike with the same force. However, the bike never drifted of line when sprinting – it remained focused!



Our bike featured a saddle, grips, and pair of tyres that were all awesome for endurance riding. These components, combined with Swift Carbon’s brilliant carbon material and geometry, made for a quick sprinter race rig and long lasting comfort in the saddle. A great combination if you ask me.

Frame set available at R18 200

Our test rig: R29 900

= Swift Carbon Attack G2 Tested!


[s3r star=4/5]

2 thoughts on “Swift Carbon Attack G2 Review”

  1. Hi. very nice review!

    I am looking to buy this bike but I am hesitating about the size.
    This bike you have ridden is a size M isn’t it? could I ask you how tall are you and your inner leg lenght to have an idea of what size to buy.

    thank you very much

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