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Shimano’s E5000 Urban E-bike Drive Unit gets Punchier Assistance in ECO and NORMAL modes

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Urban e-bike riding is now even more of a breeze thanks to new firmware from SHIMANO that allows e-bikes with its E5000 drive units to pump out more power for riding away from traffic lights, getting up hills, carrying shopping or returning home after a day at the office.

When SHIMANO’S E5000 drive unit was first released it came with a pre-programmed Comfort setting, offering riders a lightweight, silent and affordable e-bike system with three modes, Eco, Normal and High. The new Sportive setting provides a new riding characteristic, making Normal and Eco modes punchier for urban commutes and daily errands alike.

Whilst the E5000 drive unit’s maximum output torque of 40 Nm and speed of assisted speed of 25km/h isn’t changed, the punchier feeling is related to the rider’s input torque. In short, the drive unit’s power has now become easier for riders to make the most of.

In terms of numbers, this means that the Sportive Normal mode multiplies a rider’s power by 125% and Eco mode by 60% (Comfort mode is 100% and 40% respectively).

Anna Schmalko-Methorst, Shimano’s Urban Category Marketing Manager: “This new feature is a great development for the E5000 system because it gives riders the option to choose a more performance-orientated urban e-bike or a leisure-orientated ride with longer battery range. At the same time, both the Comfort and Sportive settings are still in line with SHIMANO’s philosophy that an e-bike should feel natural and handle like a normal bicycle, albeit with a convenient level of support when you need it.”

Like the Comfort setting, the new Sportive setting is also compatible with e-bikes equipped with Shimano rear derailleurs and internal hub gears.

To install the new firmware riders can use the Bluetooth functionality of the E-TUBE app on their phone or tablet or via PC using the linkage tool SM-PCE01/SM-PCE02.

For existing E-TUBE users:

– Update your app to ensure it has the latest firmware

– Turn your bike on, search for your bike within the app and complete the wireless connection

– Update components

– Select the drive unit and change the characteristic from COMFORT to SPORTIVE – Disconnect E-TUBE – NB it is also possible to select the SPORTIVE or COMFORT setting via the menu of the bike’s information display or via the EW-EN100 switch (if used)

For new users:

– Download the app or program via the E-TUBE website and follow the steps above


The new firmware is available from the SHIMANO E-TUBE website or via the E-TUBE app for smartphones from Tuesday 27th October 2020.

Source: Shimano Europe

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