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Shimano launches woman specific indoor cycling shoes

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Riders who’ve tried indoor cycling, such as spinning classes, turbo training sessions and online training programmes, will quickly realize that their outdoor footwear isn’t always the most practical choice once the hatches are battened and the heat starts to build up.

Most outdoor cycling shoes are designed with some form of protection from the elements – be it comfort padding, waterproof coating or insulation – but for cycling indoors you’re more likely to need ventilation and airflow to keep your feet cool. What’s more, many spinning bikes are equipped with SPD pedal systems so anyone with regular road shoes and (SPD-SL) cleats won’t be able to clip in. That’s where the new SHIMANO IC5 and IC3 shoes find their niche.

The IC category, standing for Indoor Cycling, contains two Shimano models targeted towards different styles, both with SPD-style cleat-fitting systems recessed into the sole.

The IC5 model has a breathable woven style mesh upper and an L6 Boa dial to quickly and precisely adjust the shoe tension during a workout. The IC5 comes with a ‘Road Touring’ style flexible sole (rated 5/12 for stiffness) for a great balance between pedal power transfer and comfort. The shoe is targeted towards women, coming in sizes 36-44. Three colourways are available, black, white and navy with pink. The IC5 weighs 292g, just 60g heavier than Shimano’s range-topping RC9 World Tour professional road racing shoes.

The IC3 model on the other hand has an upper that looks more like a traditional training shoe with sections of breathable leather and mesh. Much like the IC5, a Boa dial on the side of the shoe quickly and precisely ratchets up the tension from the guide wires. The sole, rated 2/12 for stiffness, is designed for comfort on and off the bike, sharing similarities with Shimano’s City Touring sole. The IC3 is also aimed towards women (sizes 36-44) and weighs 326g.

Lorena Isasi, Shimano ambassador and spinning instructor at Las Canas fitness center, Madrid offered this take on the indoor cycling footwear: “Most of the riders attending our classes know that they can get a more efficient work out by clipping into the pedal. The connection keeps your feet fixed in one place so your knees and hips always move in the same motion, which can reduce the chance of injury. Personally, I also like a comfortable and fashionable shoe that I can also use to walk around the gym. Finally, most of our riders end up in a sweaty mess after a work-out so anything that can help cool them down is a clear winner!”

Both the IC models are available in stores from August 2019.

Source: Shimano Europe

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