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Shimano lands new Deore 12-speed groupsets

Fourth-tier Shimano MTB groupset brings proven 12-speed drivetrain and braking technology to the masses, with new 11 and 10-speed versions too!

Shimano has released its latest 12-speed MTB groupset, the SHIMANO DEORE M6100 series, alongside new 11-speed SHIMANO DEORE M5100 and 10-speed SHIMANO DEORE M4100 versions to bring premium technologies to a new price level.

The M6100 series is molded from the same DNA the top tier XTR, SHIMANO DEORE XT and SLX mountain biking groupsets and is fully compatible with its more progressive companions so you can pick your favorite setup to match your riding needs.

Meanwhile the 11-speed and 10-speed versions build on SHIMANO DEORE’s mountain biking legacy, retaining technologies such as HG HYPERGLIDE shifting, 2-WAY RELEASE levers, SHIMANO SHADOW RD+ derailleurs and I-SPEC EV handlebar controls to broaden the versatility of this value-focused group.

SHIMANO DEORE M6100 series (12-speed)

Shimano’s proven 12-speed technologies are inherent in every component at SHIMANO DEORE level.

1×12 Crankset: The SHIMANO DEORE 12-speed crankset (FC-M6100) with its sleek metallic colour shift design comes in single-only (1×12) configuration for drivetrain simplicity. It features the same DYNAMIC CHAIN ENGAGEMENT+ technology as XTR, SHIMANO DEORE XT and SLX cranksets which, with its narrow/wide tooth profile, provides the key to the improved chain retention, smoothness and quietness of the drivetrain. For secure and fast mounting of the chainring the crank is equipped with a direct mount system, making chainring changes a breeze.

Options include the choice between 170mm or 175mm crank arm lengths, 30T or 32T chainrings (although there is full compatibility between smaller or larger chainrings at SLX, XT and XTR level), or the choice between three different Q-factors (stance widths), 172mm (for an O.L.D. of 142/148mm), 178mm (O.L.D. 148mm) or 181mm (O.L.D. 157mm). Two alternative non-series SHIMANO DEORE-level cranksets are also available, the FC-MT511-1 (30T, 32T) and the FC-MT510-1 (30T, 32T, 34T). See table below for a summary:

M6100 crank options.JPG

Cassette & chain: The SHIMANO DEORE 12-speed MICROSPLINE cassette (CS-M6100) is made from 12 durable steel sprockets and comes in a 10-51T gear ratio. Complete with the unmatched shifting quality of HYPERGLIDE+ technology you can shift both up and down this cassette under load, making SHIMANO DEORE shifting smoother than ever before.  

The SHIMANO DEORE 12-speed HG chain (CN-M6100) offers a smooth transmission with strong chain retention by extended portions on the end of inner chain plates to combine perfectly with DYNAMIC CHAIN ENGAGEMENT+ front chainrings and HYPERGLIDE+ cassettes to let you pedal continuously, even whilst changing gear under load.

Rear derailleur: The 12-speed SHIMANO DEORE rear derailleur (RD-M6100-SGS) enables precise and quick shifting within the 10-51T range. 13-tooth pulley wheels and SHIMANO SHADOW RD+ technology reduces chain chatter and gives you improved chain retention thanks to a stiffer derailleur arm and higher chain tension.

Shifter: The SHIMANO DEORE 12-speed right-side shifter (SL-M6100-IR) benefits from the same technologies as XTR, SHIMANO DEORE XT and SLX; I-SPEC EV. This offers you greater ergonomic adjustments like 14mm lateral movement and 10 degrees rotational movement so you can tailor your handlebar controls much more to your liking. Together with the speed of RAPIDFIRE PLUS and a 2-WAY RELEASE feature you can shift up and down the 12 gears of your cassette faster than ever before.

Brakes: The SHIMANO DEORE M6100 brakes come in either an XC-specific two piston caliper (BR-M6100) or the trail/enduro four piston variant (BR-M6120), both with a redesigned brake lever (BL-M6100) resulting in a stiffer mount for better feedback and more power. The brake levers are equipped with Shimano’s proven SERVO WAVE technology which results in quicker pad/rotor engagement, improved power and a shorter free stroke. Both calipers can be used with resin or metal pads and are best used with the SM-RT64 or SM-RT54 rotors.

Completing the cockpit is an optional seat post lever, the SL-MT500. This allows riders to quickly operate the seat post without sacrificing their hand position on the grip. The SL-MT500 seat post lever comes either in a clamp band or I-SPEC EV variation for a neater handlebar set up.


The retention of a 10-speed SHIMANO DEORE series and the addition of 11-speed SHIMANO DEORE expands the versatility of the SHIMANO DEORE name as a groupset to cover many different riding styles, preferences and budgets.00


ns: Unlike the 12-speed version, both series here retain a double drivetrain (2×11 or 2×10) option as well as single drivetrains (1×11 or 1×10). Gone are some of the advanced 12-speed shifting technologies but riders can still achieve great shifting performance with HG cassettes and HG chains, RAPIDFIRE PLUS MONO left hand shift levers and 2-WAY RELEASE performance.

Riders choosing an 11-speed crankset will have the option of an 11-51T HG cassette with either a 30T or 32T single (1×11) drivetrain (FC-M5100), or a double (2×11) drivetrain in normal (FC-M5100-2) or Boost spacing (FC-M5100-B2) featuring 36T-26T chainrings and a close gear step 11-42T steel HG cassette (CS-M5100).

10-speed riders can pair their 1×10 chainrings (30T or 32T) with a wide range 11-46T steel HG cassette or, for the 2×10 (36-26T) set up they can also choose the close gear step 11-42T steel HG cassette (CS-M4100).

Derailleurs: Rear derailleurs are specific to your choice of drivetrain. The SHIMANO SHADOW RD+ RD-M5100-SGS rear derailleur is specific to 1×11 drivetrain chainlines and comes with a low-profile design to avoid damage from rocks plus a chain stabilizer to reduce chain drop and chain slap. It is designed to accommodate the lowest 51T gear on the 11-speed HG cassette. The RD-M5120-SGS rear derailleur also comes with the same SHIMANO SHADOW RD+ low profile and chain stabilizer and is designed for lowest sprockets of 42T (2×11/10-speed) or 46T (1×10-speed). A more affordable M4120-SGS SHIMANO SHADOW RD is also available for 2×11 or 2×10 drivetrains although it comes without the chain stabilizing function.

Front derailleurs (FD-M5100/M4100) allow for smooth, quiet and light action front shifting with optimum tyre clearance (up to 2.3” on wide rims). Both options also come in multiple mount positions (D, E or M) to suit different frame designs.

Shifters: Whether you choose a single or a double drivetrain the SHIMANO DEORE 10 and 11-speed shift levers (SL-M5100-IL/IR) come with I-SPEC EV positioning to give a simplified connection to brakes and dropper posts, allowing for cleaner handlebars (band-type clamps also available). On the left hand side of the bars the RAPIDFIRE PLUS MONO lever lets riders operate the front derailleur with a single thumb lever for both light and instantly responsive up and down shifting. Meanwhile the right hand side lever features an optical gear display for easily visible gear position. The lever features RAPIDFIRE PLUS speed to shift down three gears at a time whilst the 2-WAY RELEASE feature allows riders to quickly dump gears to approach climbs.

Brakes: At 10 and 11-speeds there is one brake lever and two caliper types (2-piston or 4-piston) available. The BL-M4100 lever is compatible with 2-piston or 4-piston caliper designs. It features an additional handlebar contact point design for a stiffer feeling and comes with quicker brake engagement and a shorter free stroke than its predecessor. The BR-MT420 4-piston caliper provides powerful stopping power for resin or metal pads, whilst the BR-MT410 2-piston caliper provides a lighter weight option (resin pad only).


This chart quickly shows the single drivetrain and double drivetrain options available at SHIMANO DEORE M6100, M5100 and M4100 levels.

DEORE line-up.JPG

The latest 12-speed SHIMANO DEORE components plus new SHIMANO DEORE 11-speed and 10-speed components will be available in bike shops from June 2020.

Source: Shimano Europe

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