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Santa Cruz V10 gets 29er Upgrade!

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The Santa Cruz V10 just got a much anticipated 29er upgrade. With Greg Minnaar at the driving point of the concept.

Santa Cruz first developed a 29er DH bike a few years ago, but were forced to retreat that idea due to certain components not being suitable for World Cup racing at the time. However, last year October, Minnaar himself piloted a 29er straight into the hall of success at an Enduro event in Italy; afterward Santa Cruz almost immediately started working on a V10 29er model.

So this is how 29ers enter the DH scene, and its starting with the V10.

Pros & Cons:

  • Higher overall bike speed.
  • Decrease in overall bike handling; less maneuverable.
  • Better at tramping over obstacles.

Ultimately, all the components on the V10 are the same. They’re just made into a suitable size for the 29 inch wheels. Santa Cruz say it’s still early days for 29ers in the DH scene. They just want to build bikes that are fast, and if the 29er gets them closer to achieving their goals, then they’ll go for it!

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