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Reviewed: FOX’s iCD Technology

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There is no doubt that FOX  is making some of the best suspension in the world! And their cycling technology is nothing but the best! While some people think that electronic suspension lockout is an unnecessary luxury on a bike, others prefer using this astonishing piece of technology. In this article, we explore the technological side of FOX’s iCD  technology and how it can benefit you.

What is iCD

P1020630   P1020586

It is basically a small, electronic motor, attached to the damper of a FOX Shock. Then the motor is electrically controled by a switch on your handlebars, which you then flick, sending an electrical signal toward the motor, telling it to adjust the damper in a specific way, to either lock both shocks, open both shocks or close the rear shock and open the front shock. All this happens in a blink of an eye!

P1020585      Now that was a simplified version of how iCD works. You see it is really FOX that only knows the true inner workings, and it was their expertise that created the incredible iCD.

We’d recommend using the iCD technology for XC Racing, as it is more for riders that want to be fast and focused, rather than fiddling around with their suspension. Taking your hands off the handle bars, to adjust your suspension, for even 2 seconds could put you off balance, and a crash threat is imminent. However, with FOX’s iCD technology you simply have to move your fingers to adjust your suspension, with a flick of the switch!

 P1020637      Killer Combination – FOX Float Factory 32


We tested the iCD technology on the FOX Float Factory 32 fork and Float Factory iCD shock.

P1020616  P1020623

The FOX Float Factory 32 is an extraordinary fork. It performs well through technical sections and has a very smooth rebound, thanks to the KASHIMA COAT. It also features a FiT Damper, tapered head tube and 100mm of pure travel. Now with this fork being controlled by ICD technology, it adds to the fork’s overall performance. Plus, it is made with super lightweight material, making it easier to steer. We found that especially helpful through technical sections, and the short travel allowed us to maintain a low profile, maximising power output. So in terms of the Float Factory 32 fork technology, we can conclude that it is the BEST XC fork we have ever tested.

Now, the 2014 FOX Float ICD rear shock makes your ride experience UNBELIEVABLE! It is firm on climbs and soft on descends. Since the Float is also controlled by ICD, it is easy to adjust. Plus, this shock is air sprung, therefore making it lighter and more responsive.

P1020587     When testing the ICD, we found it very beneficial on long rides and when racing.

So to sum this all up… FOX’s icd offers nearly effortless shock control, and allows you to focus on your riding. If you combine icd with any FOX Shox with which its compatible, you will have one killer combination!!!

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