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Renault Duster: The Cyclist Lifestyle

What a great car to kick-off our PROJECT T articles. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again; the French really know how to build cars, with their culture that is bred into the design to exhibit a super luxurious interior and good looking exterior. It’s a car that seriously adapts to your lifestyle. So we take a look at how it adapts to a cyclist’s lifestyle.


The Renault Duster gives you a light-weight, compact kind-of impression. Just some of the good qualities and characteristics that a cyclist will look for in a car. All people like a good all-rounder car whether you’re a cyclist or not, and that’s exactly what the Duster is; a good off-roader and very economic on the road. It’s pretty awesome that it also has cruise control, so if you’re tired after a long bike ride or race and have a long trip home; you can rest your legs and feet by activating cruise control.

The interior looks just as great as the exterior, but on the inside it’s not about the looks, it’s about having the best experience traveling from A to B. Of-course its fully customisable for the driver and passengers, with a large LCD touch screen monitor with everything you’ll ever want; radio, Bluetooth media player, phone, and GPS navigation.


This is a very functional car that will seat 5 people (not China men) very comfortably, with more than enough leg-room at the back. What we as cyclists also love about this car is the boot space. (seriously, we couldn’t stop talking about how big it is) This car might look small from the outside, but the boot is anything but small. In fact, its massive! So much so, that I could fit my-self inside. (I’m about 1.8m tall). If you really have to, you can also drop the backseats down to carry your MTB.

P1040374 (2)

We used the Thule Clip On 9104 bike rack for hybrids to transport the Giant Trance (check out our review). The rack clips on brilliantly; hooking on the boot of the car solidly without there being any play or movement between the car and rack. The 9104 Clip On can take a maximum of 3 bikes and is super easy to setup and attach to the car. When we say this rack is solid, we mean it literally feels like its apart of the car.


For another transport solution; the Duster has sleekly design roof rails. These just show how adaptable to your hobby the Duster is; carry whatever you want on those.


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Built for: Dual Suspension Trail
Year launched: 2022