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PRO’s unveils new TEAM Tools

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Specialist Team Tools, Cable Routing tool and Saddle-integrated Mini-tool introduced.

PRO has unveiled a host of new premium-grade specialist bike tools to help you become the wrencher that everyone wants to know. Among them are these three helpful tools you’ll wonder how you ever lived without.

Team Tools

PRO’s new TEAM Tools are designed to be used with the latest trends in cycling so the set includes a 12-speed compatible XTR lock ring remover, 12-speed chain whip, bottom bracket lock ring remover, 12-speed compatible chain tool and pedal wrench. All tools are designed to be easier to use so flex has been minimized and the leverage has been improved (except the chain tool) meaning that you need to use less force to remove or install bike components. All tools are made from laser-cut steel with an additional heat treatment to reinforce high strength, reduce flex and add durability.  Added to that the Team Tools are longer in length too to give you more leverage over stubborn-to-remove items. Also hand placement has been considered with ergonomically shaped handles, finger pads and hard and soft dual compound areas for added grip.

Finally, each tool comes with additional functions too, such as the TEAM cassette lock ring remover being suitable for centerlock disc brakes, the TEAM pedal wrench having the possibility for use on 15mm axles in combination with 6 and 8mm allen keys or the TEAM chainwhip including a threaded Dura-Ace / XTR bottom bracket remover.

Cable routing tool

This pocket sized aluminum tool is the perfect workshop accessory for threading shift cables, brake cables, Di2 wires and hydraulic hoses through frames. With an extra-strong micro magnet you can easily guide wires and cables through frames to exit ports. The Cable Routing tool comes with all the adapters you’ll need to connect to common cables and wires and neatly folds away afterwards to keep minimize the clutter in your workshop or tool box.

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Integrated mini-tool

This unique saddle-mounted mini-tool with ratchet system contains Allen/Torx keys, tyre levers, screwdrivers and a chain tool and can be  neatly packaged up into 140x35x15mm unit in a neoprene sleeve so you can stow it neatly beneath your saddle. Riders using PRO’s Stealth, Falcon, Griffon or Turnix saddles with underside mounting bolts can bolt the Integrated Mini-Tool directly to the saddle and riders with non-PRO saddles can use video camera mount adapter to mount the tool.

PRO’s premium-grade specialist bike tools will be launched at Eurobike 2018 and will be available in stores from October 2018.

Source: Shimano Europe 


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