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PRO releases premium range of tools and pumps

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Coming to stores this December will be a new range of PRO Team tools and PRO Performance tools and PRO Team pumps for the rider or home mechanic that hates guesswork and wants every last component on their bike completely dialed.

Highlights of the expanded range including the Team Digital Torque Wrench with LCD digital display, the Mini Torque Wrench with preset torque keys and a premium Team Shock Pump with pressure release valve for fine-tune adjustments.

“Our product developers at PRO look to serve all different types of riders, from the amateur who just wants a quality and long-lasting product, to the professional who knows every last measurement and setting on his or her bike. Whilst PRO saddles and cockpits tend to get most attention, we are incredibly proud of the quality in our new tools and pumps range. We focused attention on the creation of Team versions of our best-selling tools. The range is now compatible with the latest product trends and serves home and team mechanics well. We expect the new products to be strong sellers in stores in 2021.”

Mark Kikkert, PRO head of product development: 

The new Team tools include two stand-out products, the PRO Team Digital Torque Wrench and the PRO Team Delta Wrench.

The PRO Team Digital Torque Wrench (PRTL0082) is a lavish addition to any mechanic’s toolbox. It offers exacting accuracy for mechanics who want to know precisely how much torque to apply to bolts and nuts. It features a ratchet system with a digital strain gauge and an LCD display that offers both visual and audio feedback.

It boasts a 1-25 Nm torque range (changeable to ft/lb, in/lb and kg/cm) and features a warning beep when you reach the desired torque level. Comes with replaceable battery, molded protective case, eight tool bits (2/2.5/3/4/5/6 hex, T20/T25) and a ¼ inch adaptor for ease of use. Dimensions: 216x39x22 mm.

Meanwhile the PRO Team Delta Wrench (PRTL0116) is a premium tool for accurate adjustments. Its replaceable bits allow mechanics to design and redesign their perfect combination of tools. The Delta Wrench’s alloy body and ergonomic grip delivers increased leverage and strong, durable performance. Plus the extra durable heat-treated and hardened steel bits in 13 configurations (Hex 2/2.5/3/4/5/6/8, PH2/SL4/SL6 screwdriver, T20/T25/T30) offer flexibility for most major bike projects. Dimensions: 118x103x21 mm.


Several PRO Performance level tools will also make their debut this December including the PRO Mini Torque Wrench, PRO Cassette Wrench, PRO Chain Tool, and the PRO Tubeless Tyre Levers.

The PRO Mini Torque Wrench’s (PRTL0096) is a compact, versatile and functional tool, small enough to take on a ride with accuracy over three pre-set settings (4, 5 and 6 Nm) to avoid over-tightening bolts, which is especially important on a carbon frame. Its magnetic head fits six different tool bits (3, 4, 5 and 6 hex keys as well as T25 and SL4 bits) which all fit neatly into the handle of the PRO Mini Torque Wrench for safe storage and quick access. Dimensions: 77x30x41 mm.

The PRO Cassette Wrench (PRTL0104) is a cassette removal tool that provides an alternative to using a chain whip. It is compatible with 10T and 11T smallest sprockets and should be used in conjunction with PRO’s best selling Lock Ring Tool (PRTL0092). It holds the cassette firmly in place by latching to the teeth of the smallest sprocket while you loosen the cassette’s lock ring, allowing you to keep your hands clean. It features a long shaft for leverage and an ergonomic, no-slip handle to further enhance ease of use. Dimensions: 325x60x17 mm.

PRO’s impressively affordable Chain Tools (1-9 speed PRTL0118 and 9-12 speed PRTL0119) allow you to remove links on a wide range of road, gravel, urban, mountain or e-bike chains. It is now available in two options, a 1-9 speed version, or a narrower version for 9-12 speed chains. Both models come printed with the compatible chains to prevent misuse. Dimensions: 95x53x20 mm (both models).

The PRO Tubeless Tyre Levers (PRTL0115) are specifically developed with longer shafts for the stiff sidewalls of road and gravel tubeless tires. Though also compatible with clincher tyres, the increased length and strength of the Tubeless Tyre Levers ensure that they make fitting or removing road and gravel tubeless tires an easy task. The additional hook function allows you to lift a stiff tubeless tire back onto a rim without damaging the tyre’s bead or the rim/rim tape. Dimensions: 160x23x24 mm.


Inflation is a growing area for PRO with a good-better-best line up of seven new pumps for 2021 including four floor pumps, two mini pumps and a shock pump.

Top of the range is the PRO Team Floor Pump (PRPU0102) which has an ergo-fit handle and a dual gauge specifically designed to control precision tyre inflation in both high volume and high pressure (gravel, road and MTB compatible) situations. The premium full alloy construction and universal AH head (which automatically adjusts between Presta and Schrader valves) allows easy inflation and also has a pressure release valve. The pressure range extends to 10 Bar/140 PSI and the gauge shows high volume measurements until 2.8 bar / 40 PSI.

Meanwhile the PRO Team Suspension Pump (PRPU0106) is PRO’s most accurate shock pump for providing precision suspension set-ups. It’s designed for riders for whom every PSI or 0.1 of a Bar can make the difference in performance. The Team Shock Mini Pump’s Schrader ball-head design will lock to a rear shock or suspension fork with a flexible connection for ease of use. It features a precision digital pressure gauge (accurate to within 2%), a pressure release valve for fine-tune pressure adjustments, inflates up to 300 PSI and weighs just 167 grams.

The PRO Mini Pump Performance XS (PRPU0104) is the smallest pump in the collection, measuring just 16 cm and weighing only 99 grams. It comes with a new dual-side screw-on Presta / Schräder head for better fixation to the valve, a telescopic design for easy inflation and delivers 38 cm3 of air per stroke.

The PRO Mini Pump Performance XL (PRPU0105) is the biggest mini pump PRO offers delivering 93 cm3 of air per stroke. It has a pop out gauge with a foot pad for more stability and the same screw-on head mechanism. It weighs 215 grams and offers up to 8 bars or 120 PSI of pressure, giving over 2.5 times more volume compared to a traditional mini pump.


All products will be available from PRO dealers in December 2020. Please visit for further details.

Source: Shimano EU

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