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PRO launches world-first dedicated E-MTB handlebar

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Whether for upgrading your pride and joy or creating a dream build from scratch, the design, engineering and innovation in the new PRO range will help elevate your MTB or e-MTB to the next level. Amongst the new PRO items dropping into bike stores this Autumn will be:

  • A sleek, stealthy KORYAK E-PERFORMANCE MTB handlebar that brings rigidity and integration to a new level with an integrated port for SHIMANO STEPS e-MTB computers and dedicated e-bike grips that provide a seamless transition to the e-bike drive unit switch
  • A stiff and light 35mm diameter carbon THARSIS 3FIVE handlebar for XC riding, complemented by a new XC THARSIS 3FIVE stem
  • Two new internally cable-routed Dropper Seat Posts, a short 100 mm travel THARSIS post for 27.2, 30.9 and 31.6 mm seat tubes and a longer 150 mm travel KORYAK post for 34.9 mm seat tubes.

The new KORYAK E-PERFORMANCE MTB handlebar is the world’s first integrated handlebar/stem/grip designed to accommodate an e-bike computer with a recess area in the middle section.

The handlebar specifically caters for e-MTB riders who tend to spend more time in the saddle and who are looking to upgrade their e-MTB for improved performance. The KORYAK E-PERFORMANCE MTB handlebar features a recess area for the SHIMANO STEPS computer, positioning the computer safely within a cradle to provide a clearer visual of the data in the blink of an eye. The performance aspect comes from its carbon construction and shaping, offering internal cable routing and compliance in terms of vertical comfort and stiffness in terms of lateral steering direction.

The E-PERFORMANCE handlebar has an 800 mm width for assured control, a 65 mm stem extension with a 49 mm reach (due to the backsweep design), plus a sloping 20 mm rise and an 11 degree backsweep to reduce hand pressure.

The handlebars can accommodate all current SHIMANO STEPS e-MTB system computers and come with contoured grips to match the switch paddles on the SHIMANO STEPS left hand drive unit mode switch.

Mountain bike components

The new THARSIS components are designed to follow XC and Down Country trends for stiffer components. The THARSIS 3FIVE 35 mm oversized carbon handlebars now come in five varieties, the THARSIS 3FIVE Flat, Flat Top, Mini Rise (also available in alloy), Rise and High Rise together with an alloy 7050, 9 degree +/- oversized THARSIS 3FIVE stem (available from 60-100mm) for XC racing.

Finally two new internally cable-routed Dropper Seat Posts (DSPs) will be released from PRO this autumn.

The first THARSIS post  is a race-level product featuring a short 100 mm of travel for 27.2, 30.9 and 31.6 mm seat tubes and should be used on XC, Down Country or Gravel bikes. The post is made from 3D forged alloy with a lightweight titanium 2-bolt head design and is 400 mm in total length, weighing 415g in total, saving over 15% in weight compared to existing Koryak posts.

The second dropper seat post comes ready for the new standard 34.9 mm seat tubes appearing on Enduro/Trail bikes. The KORYAK 150 mm travel 34.9 mm seat post complements the 30.9 mm and 31.6 mm Koryak 150 mm DSPs already in the range and is designed for riders looking to build a new dream bike or up-spec their current bike.

Both new dropper posts come with a serviceable Alloy cartridge.

All products are expected to be available in bike stores by November 2020 except the 27.2 Tharsis seat post which will arrive in spring 2021.


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