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PRO drops new Dropper Posts

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Back in 2017 PRO launched its highly rated Koryak 120mm travel dropper post. Now for Autumn 2018 PRO drops a further four models ranging from 170mm to 70mm in travel and covering seat post diameters between 31.6 to 27.2mm.

In a few short years the dropper post market has expanded from long travel posts for Enduro bikes to medium travel posts for XC bikes and now short travel posts for Gravel riding. Whichever style you ride, the ability to drop your saddle out of the way for less interference makes your bike a lot more versatile and capable of technical riding. PRO has expanded its range to meet these new riding styles by adding the Koryak 170 (internal routing), Koryak 150 (external or internal) and Koryak 70 (external) to its existing Koryak 120 model.

The majority of riders will feel perfectly at home with the 150mm travel post, which comes in 30.9 and 31.6 widths, fitting common enduro and trail seat tubes. The internal cable option offers the neatest set up whilst the external cable option offers the fastest set up, avoiding routing around the bottom bracket. For bigger riders the 170mm travel version gives a total length of 507mm to maximize the range of your on-bike position. The new 170 and 150 versions are made from a 3D-forged lightweight AL2014 alloy and employ a 1-bolt clamp design to mount the saddle, coming in 30.9 and 31.6 diameters.

The lightest 70mm travel version can be used on XC or Gravel bikes with 27.2mm seat post diameters where a small drop in saddle height can make the difference between clearing a descent confidently or not at all.

All versions offer infinite super smooth travel and come with a Shimano cable set allowing for adjustment at the dropper post lever. The 170 and 150 internally cable routed posts come with a new 1x left-hand lever whereas the 150 and 70 externally routed posts come with universal up/down levers for use with 1x or 2x drivetrains.

All new Koryak dropper post models will be launched at Eurobike 2018 and will be available in stores from October 2018.

Source: Shimano Europe 

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