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PRO Bike Components unveil their new accessory line-up for 2020

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Behind every great bike, every great ride and every great rider should be some key accessories to enhance performances. With that in mind, PRO is unveiling more than 20 new products at Eurobike 2019 to elevate your rides to the next level.


With saddles used by world tour riders from TEAM SUNWEB, PRO has thousands of kilometres of testing to prove their saddles’ credentials. Drawing on that feedback a new STEALTH OFF-ROAD SADDLE joins the STEALTH SUPERLIGHT, released earlier this year, expanding the STEALTH range to four models for every type of surface. The STEALTH OFF-ROAD is your secret weapon for maximizing your power in aggressive off-road (XC/Gravel) riding positions. The lightweight carbon injection-molded base comes with PRO’s C.TEC (Comfort Technology) rail fixings to boast the comfort credentials of its incredibly lightweight (195g) and durable design. The dual density superlight EVA padding provides support where you need it most and, together with the wide anatomically perfected sitting area (142mm or 152mm options) and cutouts in the base, the saddle brings optimal pressure relief on the sit-bones.


As the Gravel race scene grows, PRO brings a new lightweight DISCOVER CARBON HANDLEBAR to appeal to Gravel weight weenies. The light but robust carbon layup provides strength and comfort compliance in different areas. The bars come with a 20 degree flared option for additional stability off-road and the ergonomically shaped top section comes a mid-section design to complement the GRX sub brake lever (BL-RX812) plus a 5 degree backsweep to take weight off the hands, making for a more comfortable ride. The DISCOVER CARBON BARS are available from 230g with a 75mm reach, 110mm drop and widths of 40, 42, 44cm.


Finding that perfectly sized stem and seat post can be a tricky job. Luckily PRO’s extensive range of MTB, Road and Gravel stems and seatposts provides something for almost everyone. Joining the dropper seat post ranges introduced in 2018 comes a new alloy DISCOVER DROPPER SEATPOST with 70mm of travel, a diameter of 27.2mm and internal cable routing for gravel bikes and MTBs. The post can be operated by a new drop handlebar DSP REMOTE or by the SHIMANO GRX STI lever (ST-RX810-LA). The DISCOVER DSP comes in one specification weighing 417g with a 350mm long body and 0mm setback. The DISCOVER DROPBAR DSP REMOTE, which is also available separately, has 2-way operation for the thumb or index finger and is compatible with all PRO DSPs.

A new lightweight DISCOVER CARBON POST also makes its debut this year. Featuring Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fiber, it is able to withstand the rigours of demanding gravel racing. Its 27.2mm version tips the scales at 216g, comes with 20mm setback and is also available with a 31.6mm diameter.

New DISCOVER STEMS (70mm-110mm, 6 degree angle, 1 1/8” diameter) also join a new lightweight VIBE CARBON STEM (80mm to 130mm) for Road riding. The VIBE CARBON weighs 120g and features Di2 cable integration options and an evolved puzzle-clamp system to give optimum clamping force on PRO Vibe handlebars.


Not every rider has the giant biceps required to force 8 bars of pressure from a mini pump. That’s why PRO’s new TEAM CO2 MINIPUMP for Road bikes or MTBs is a sure-fire winner. For quick puncture fixes, screw in a CO2 cartridge, pair with your inner tube or tubeless tyre valve and inflate in seconds. The nozzle has a ‘flip-head’ for compatibility with Schraeder and Presta valves and the pump has a high volume alloy chamber for air pressure inflation in case you’re all out of cartridges. The minipump is joined by a new sleek and lightweight HIGH PRESSURE PUMP for road riders and a new CO2 INFLATOR with a regulator to offer perfect inflation modulation when using a CO2 cartridge.


The humble bidon has been keeping thirst quenched almost as long as bicycles have been in existence. From storing precious water to carrying tools, there are now 6 specialist bottle options in PRO’s line-up. New INSULTATED BOTTLES, OFF-ROAD BOTTLES with closure caps and TEAM BOTTLES with improved cap waterflow join the regular water bottles and tool bottles/capsules, all with matching colours so you can continue the pro rider look whichever bottles you choose.  

And to store those bottles, new cages for e-bikes and for saddles and stem-mounted DISCOVER bottle/food bags join the other five cage varieties in PRO’s line-up. The PRO BOTTLE CAGE MOUNT – BATTERY mounts to the SHIMANO STEPS BT-E8010/8014 battery with secure clamps and straps. Alternatively the PRO BOTTLE CAGE MOUNT – SADDLE has a sturdy direct mount attachment for compatibility between all PRO saddles and all bottle cages. Meanwhile, for a different option, the DISCOVER BOTTLE/FOOD POUCH has a quick one-handed closure function and adjustable straps for multiple mounting positions.


Expanding the PRO Discover bag line-up comes four new models. As well as the PRO DISCOVER BOTTLE/FOOD pouch mentioned above, a new DISCOVER COMPACT FRAME BAG can also store snacks and supplies in the front of the frame triangle. A new COMPACT SADDLEBAG gives a waterproof option for keeping PRO’s tools & spares dry. And to complete the range a new PRO DISCOVER PHONE WALLET is the perfect accessory to capture those #instagravel moments.


The final thing many riders consider on their bike set up is their contact points. Your hands need especially good care if you’re riding regularly. For mountain bikers PRO’s new dual-compound LOCK-ON TRAIL GRIPS are designed to give Trail and Enduro riders extra control in rough and aggressive riding situations. Meanwhile Gravel and Road riders get the choice of extra padding and grip with the GRAVEL COMFORT tape which is extra grippy for great control in all conditions and an extra-long 2300mm for close wrapping.

Source: PRO Bike Components

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