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New SCOTT E-Spark Series

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The new SCOTT E-Spark series shows off its elegance with the new frame design, adopted from SCOTT’s standard Spark models.

When the going gets tough, get an E-Bike! Seriously, you can discover new trails, and turn MTB into extra fun times, with SCOTT’s E-Bike. The possibilities are endless!

Technology at a glance…

Shimano stepped up to the platform for the SCOTT E-Spark series, with their electric motor. The upgraded E8000 motor, boasts with incredible power, yet staying humble and compact. The max speed this motor can assist you to is 25km/h. Which is fair, since if you’re going over that speed, you’re inevitably heading down hill or cruising on flat terrain.

The battery spits out a whopping 500 watts. However, the life on the battery is what you need! It’ll last for 100km in Eco, 75 km in Trail, and 50 km in Boost mode. These aren’t fantastic figures, but you can still go a great deal further with this E-bike than a normal bike. After all, 50 kays on a MTB is quite far!

The E-Spark frame design, is everything special. Since it has the new suspension design at the back, you can trek bumps without feeling imbalanced. The E-Spark series also comes standard with 130mm of suspension travel in the front, and 120mm in the rear. Nothing but a plush ride ahead!

SCOTT also paid special attention to the integration of the E8000 motor and battery. By integrating the battery into the bottom tube of the frame, SCOTT were able to get an equal distribution of weight over the bike. Resulting better handling, and a comfortable, overall bike character.


SCOTT have truly pushed the limits of bike engineering. We’re looking forward to seeing the E-Spark series out on the trails of Africa, and can’t wait to get our hands on one of them for review!

SCOTT E-Spark Series.

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Built for: Dual Suspension Trail
Year launched: 2022