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New Gear: Specialized’s New Tarmac

Specialized’s new Tarmac makes the statement of being lighter, faster and stronger. Mainly because Specialized brought in their Rider-First Engineered perspective of bicycles, and designed the new Tarmac completely around every rider’s needs. The result; improved handling, and a bike that presents a tailored, ride experience for every rider type.

New Geometry:

Specialized made use of the same frame geometry for both male and female specific models. The only thing they separated was crank-arm lengths, stem lengths, handle bar width, and saddle preferences. This way, Specialized can provide both male and females with the same ride experience, that they designed the Tarmac to deliver.

Then, each Tarmac frame size, has its own tailored level of carbon stiffness. For example; a Large frame, will have more layers of carbon than a Small sized frame. Which makes sense. This is made possible through Specialized’s FACT carbon. They now, in the same way as the new geometry, offer the same ride experience; no matter the frame size.

Performance Orientated:

On the Tarmac Ultralight model, the frame weighs in at roughly 733 grams. Definitely, a frame weight that’ll only improve the way you climb. Then, Specialized also improved the aerodynamics of the frame’s tubes, making them sleek and neat. Ultimately, improving your time over a 40km course by 45sec!

If there ever was a visionary definition of fast, it would be the Specialized Tarmac!

Men’s S-Works Tarmac: RRP 155 000
Men’s Ultralight Tarmac: RRP 165 000
Men’s Tarmac Pro: RRP 100 000
Men’s Tarmac Expert: RRP 60 000
Women’s Tarmac: To be announced…  

Specialized Tarmac.

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Built for: Dual Suspension Trail
Year launched: 2022