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It was TS Elliot who said, “Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go.” Many a true word for the avid mountain biker, who loves to push limits and experience that next great ride! Trek takes mountain biking to the next level. As a world leader in mountain bike technology, Trek ensures that every single Trek mountain bike in their range contributes to that adrenalizing experience of mountain biking. The new 2018 range has something for everyone. With affordable new additions of the Roscoe and completely revamped X-Caliber to the hardtail selection, there’s something for every member of the family. The unbelievably light new Top Fuel and Fuel EX carbon models offer serious value for money, while Trek’s new RE:aktiv shock with Thru shaft makes riding even more responsive. With more and more women embracing mountain biking across the world, Trek’s new additions to their range of women’s bikes are head-turners of note.

How do you hardtail? Trek’s new value for money hardtail options 

 Trek is offering a new trail hardtail called Roscoe alongside the brand-new X-Caliber cross country bike. While these two platforms will be offered at similar price points, each offers a unique riding experience. The Roscoe is the right choice for new riders who value a confidence-inspiring and fun ride whilst the X-Caliber gets a spec package those appeals to the classic XC crowd.

Roscoe’s 3˝ tyres grip relentlessly on uneven terrain and roll over trail obstructions with ease. Roscoe is the mountain bike that makes every ride more fun than the last. Roscoe is more laid back, dressed in spec that’s ready to party out on the trail. It’s focused on capability and versatility, with 27.5+ wheels and tyres paired with a 120mm fork for the confidence to take on the most challenging trails.

Trek bikes in Kauai, Hawaii 2017 Emily Shaldach, Levi Kurlander, Jenn Bast, Spencer Rathkamp

The X-Caliber is focused on speed and efficiency, with Smart Wheel Sizing that pairs the fastest wheel size with each frame size. All X-Caliber models feature 100mm forks for quick handling, 2x Shimano drivetrains for the right gear and cadence in any situation, and rigid seat posts for saving weight.

Best of all, the Roscoe and X-Caliber bikes are affordably priced, giving you value for money and leaving you with a smile before you even begin kicking up the dirt!

Top Fuel and Fuel EX

 The better-than-ever Top Fuel is a high-performance machine and versatile choice for the cross-country racing market. The 2018 Top Fuel range, is reinvigorated with new technology highlights including a SRAM 1×12 Eagle drive train on top-end models and the new Rapid drive hub technology. The Rapid Drive hub design instantly transfers cycling effort into forward momentum after freewheeling. The 2018 range has been expanded to include affordable mid-range options on the carbon models and 2 colourway options on the popular Top Fuel 9.8 – hot viper red and matt anthracite.

Want a rugged, capable long-travel trail bike with the responsiveness of an XC bike? This is it. The Fuel EX blends the best of both worlds in one uncompromising package. It’s a bike that makes everything easier, from climbing, to cornering or descending. The 2018 range has been expanded to include 29˝ or 27.5˝ mid-fat options, and new technologies. Trek has also included affordable mid-range carbon models. The Fuel EX 9.9 also features the new RE:aktiv with Thru Shaft shock technology.

Super-responsive: RE:aktiv shocks with thru-shaft are set to excite!  

RE:aktiv with Thru Shaft is the shock that can keep up. Trek rejected the status quo to improve the immediate response, seamless transitions and uninterrupted terrain tracking that riders have come to love about RE:aktiv. The RE:aktiv with Thru Shaft reacts to changes in terrain faster than any other shock on the market. Developed in partnership with Penske factory racing and Fox, RE:aktiv does exactly what you need it to do, exactly when you need it to.

Women have the ultimate choices with Trek mountain bikes!

Trek was the first major bicycle company to develop a full line of mountain bikes designed specifically for women, and this product line has continually been refined over the years. While some women prefer riding mainline bikes, Trek’s Women’s Specific Design (WSD) options open up a whole new world of even greater choice for women who ride. This year, Trek has expanded the range of WSD bikes across all mainline models. All Trek bikes with the WSD badge on them, were designed, tested and developed specifically for women. One thing is for certain: whether you go the mainline or the WSD route, there’s a Trek mountain bike that’s a perfect fit for you!

Source: TREK Bikes SA 

See the full 2018 Trek Mountain Bike range!

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