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Mitas SCYLLA & KRATOS – Cape Epic Tyre Review

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The Mitas Scylla & Kratos mountain bike tyres, have vanquished the unforgiving landscape of the ABSA Cape Epic. They diminish any challenging trail, and leave behind their unforgettable foot print of haste. Both tyres rode to the max with grip, and therefore benefit, grasping, momentum on my pedal stroke.

I thought I knew tough. But honestly, with Mitas’ set of XC/XCM tyres, I experienced tough taken to a whole different level.

TEXTRA Thrives

Mitas’ SCYLLA and KRATOS tyres features the Cape Epic debuting, TEXTRA technology. A well thought innovation by Mitas, that now has XCO stars, such as Jolanda Neff, cruising to many podiums. TEXTRA eliminates the worry of tyre puncture over sharp rocks and enhances performance with its lightweight integration.

The science behind Mitas’ TEXTRA technology; it’s a durable, rubberized, fabric with high density polymer threads imbedded into the tyre. Most of Mitas’ top range tyre models feature a TEXTRA tyre option. For example; the XC/XCM specialists tyres, SCYLLA and KRATOS put this technology to the dirt. Having tested these tyres on a XC course, I can say with full confidence that TEXTRA protects and strengthens the tyre. Particularly, the side-wall and bead-area.  Overall this technology, aids the tyre’s performance over rocks and sharp terrain by showing resistance against tyre-cuts; all with adding no more than 60-grams to the tyre weight.

Moving on to another innovation on the Mitas SCYLLA & KRATOS tyres, is Tubeless Supra. Being guilty for my low puncture rate, was what this technology was all about. It optimized the tubeless functionality of both tyre models, and brought high-riding comfort to the scene. I found that I stopped less on the trail to check my tyre for punctures. I simply trusted Tubeless Supra to do its job, and it never let me down.

The SCYLLA & KRATOS tyres both came out, with Mitas’ Carbon Race Extreme Light rubber construction. Looking at every detail with a close-eye, Mitas were able to create a rubber compound with high structure strength, max grip, while keeping resistance low. Now you can be sure that these tyres will deliver the best performance without any compromise.

KRATOS Top Design: 


+ Primarily designed for rocky, and stretching, Enduro/XC tracks.

+ 29X2.25 – Ideal size for comfort and fast rolling.

+ High grip, with a lightweight construction. (preferred on front wheel by SA riders)

+ Features: TEXTRA, Tubeless Supra.

+ Weight: 760-grams.


SCYLLA Top Design:

+ Primarily designed for XCM/XC.

+ 29X2.25 – Optimized height for good handling through corners.

+ Universal grip design with low resistance. (preferred on rear wheel by SA riders)

+ Features: Tubeless Supra, TEXTRA.

+ Weight: 670 grams.

The Untamed Experience

The SCYLLA and KRATOS had a certain ability to keep calm and smooth over rough terrain. They never gave-up with grip on long, steep climbs. Single-track, was just as full of grip. With the bike almost never feeling tempted to over slip berms.

The unique tread design, did not let mud get stuck on it either. Some other tyres tend to build up mud in the grooves, however with the SCYLLA this was not the case. The KRATOS did pick up a few morsels of mud, but that was simply because it had larger gaps between the knobblies. The SCYLLA also gripped well through loose sand sections; kicking up quite a sand storm.

I took note of how the bike hardly skid on corners, that was with SCYLLA set up on the back wheel. With this lessened tendency to skid, I was able to maintain a solid stance when out of the saddle. It was a rare thing to discover, because when I felt as though the back wheel would lose grip, it just didn’t!

Then I moved onto the fact that was so obvious; the Mitas KRATOS and SCYLLA were not threatened by rock gardens! Mitas TEXTRA technology armoured up and defended the tyres against those sharp, uncomfortable objects. Then there was the reality, that all this protection comes with minimum sacrifice on weight. The KRATOS and SCYLLA clearly live by the rule of: ‘More protection keeps the bike rolling for longer.’


All-in-all, what was different about these tyres, was that they inspired speed and confidence through high grip. A deadly and blasting combo for any XC or XCM racer looking to win races.


Both Mitas tyres exhibit the skill of adapting to the terrain presented before them. They put high performance back on the ground and get down dirty with dirt chomping. Definitely a set of tyres that would be my first choice for the XC discipline.

Mitas SCYLLA TEXTRA: R799.00
Mitas KRATOS TEXTRA: R799.00

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