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CSD Black Commuta Cycling Back-Pack Review

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Every cyclist has their go-to, trusty commuter cycling bag. For us; this is it! CSD Black’s Commuta cycling back-pack is specially designed for cyclists. It radiates the idea of superb comfort and functionality over anything.

Even in darker conditions, this back-pack shines brightly. With its thoughtful reflective and waterproof design, it’s a no-brainer for commuting uses. On the bike, it latches on to you without chaffing your shoulders. And keeps your lungs freed up for any hard riding.

What does it carry?

Anything. That’s the short and simple truth. CSD Black designed their Commuta back-pack with specialized phone carriers, earphone routing, and a neatly integrated hydro-pack carrier. Yes, that’s right. You can commute and ride to work with your hydro-pack, for great convenience during the trip.

The front pocket of the bag, is our allocated bike tool stash. With ease of access, the pocket comes in handy for carrying anything that would help us out in a jam. It fits our bike pump neatly, as well as some hex key sets. And if necessary, we could drop a spare tube in there as well.

The main pocket can only be described as large as life! Inside you’ll find a designated 15.6” laptop carrier with some solid cushioning. While the rest of the space, can be used for the rest of the essentials.

How does it fit?

The CSD Black Commuta cycling back pack, straps on securely. There’s no lack of comfort on the shoulders, despite having a relatively heavy load. We also experienced peace-of-mind over bumpy roads, as there was zero rattling going on inside the bag. There’s a great deal of consistent security that you get when riding with this bag.

The Ride:   

Our test consisted of city touring, daily commutes and off-road adventures. The CSD Black Commuta back-pack felt surprising airy when riding. The straps didn’t restrict lung or chest movement. Meaning we could stay more aware of our surroundings.

The very fact that the bag is made with reflective material, made us feel safer. Often times you find yourself commuting in the early hours of the morning of after sunset. Either way, this bag made sure that we were seen.

We utilized the waterproof advantage of the bag fully. Especially during the last few weeks of testing, when the weather was particularly damp. All our belonging stayed water free inside the bag.

On the two straps of the Commuta back pack you’ll find two well-situated pockets. One for your phone, and another for any other valuable item. The phone pocket has earphone routing, which we used a lot to keep the tunes rolling. Which, in fact, made our commute more enjoyable.


The CSD Black Commuta cycling back-pack, with nothing loaded in it, weighs in at 1.10kg. Sure that is a bit on the heavy side, but keep in mind that you’re getting a secure travel compartment for your valuables. And with CSD Black offering a limited lifetime warranty on the bag, there’s very little that can go skew, when using the bag. It’s the ideal, middle ground between commuting comfortably and functionality.

 CSD Black Commuta Cycling Back-Pack Review

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