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Canyon creates new worldwide MTB community – The Collective

KOBLENZ, 16 JANUARY 2020 || PRESS RELEASE || Whatever we do, whatever makes us tick, one thing’s always true: it’s better to do it with people who share our passion. Seeking community, likeminded people, friends – it’s part of what makes us human. We’re all looking for our own collective. With the launch of [ C L L C T V ], Canyon is uniting mountain bikers from around the world under a single banner: irrespective of whether you ride trail, bikepark, freeride, slopestyle, or dirt. No matter what language you speak, how old you are, how long you’ve been riding: everyone’s welcome in the Canyon Collective.

The [ C L L C T V ] is not just an exclusive club reserved for the pros – but that doesn’t mean that some of the world’s top stars aren’t already all-in. Troy Brosnan and Tahnée Seagrave are two of the hottest names in the downhill scene, and Ines Thoma is one of the finest riders in the world of enduro. Or if you get your kicks clocking up huge airtime and nailing insane tricks, then names like Thomas Genon, Tomas Lemoine and Fabio Wibmer aren’t bad company to be keeping. In the Collective, all riders are equal – from World Cup-level pros to YouTube stars to weekend trail warriors. Because we all share that same passion for riding: regardless of what we do, and regardless of how we do it.

So, what drives the Collective? The commitment to inspire and connect mountain bikers from around the planet. At World Cup races, at test events, at parties, online and offline, in digital and on the dirt. All year-round, in every country, at every opportunity.

And because every community needs a backbone, these Canyon pro riders are already on board:

Braydon Bringhurst (Trail) | Dimitri Tordo (Enduro) | Fabien Barel (Mentor) | Fabio Wibmer (YouTube) | Ines Thoma (Enduro) | Kaos Seagrave (Downhill) | Kye A‘Hern (Downhill) | Mark Wallace (Downhill) | Owen Marks (Slopestyle) | Tahnée Seagrave (Downhill) | Thomas Genon (Slopestyle) | Tomas Lemoine (Slopestyle) | Troy Brosnan (Downhill)

Source: Canyon Bikes

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