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Canyon celebrate World Bicycle Day – let’s all share why we ride!

There are thousands of reasons to ride. And we all have our own. We ride so we don’t have to drive. To experience nature, and to care for it. To get fitter and healthier. To make memories – with friends, or by ourselves. We ride road bikes, mountain bikes, hybrids, city bikes. We ride e-bikes, or under our own power. We’re old, we’re young, we’re every race and every gender. You can find us in every village, every city, every country in the world. We are who we are. We are riders.

On 3 June, Canyon is celebrating World Bicycle Day with riders around the globe. On this day more than any other, we’re reflecting on and sharing what motivates us to ride. Why we love it. Why it is good for us. Why riding is such an integral part of our lives. That why we’re calling on all Canyon fans around the world to share their own reasons with us – and we’ll start by doing the same. We’ve asked more than 1,000 Canyon colleagues around the world to share their most beautiful or craziest bike-related moment with all of us on June 3rd. To share the memories that they’ll never forget. Stories that connect us all.

Our pro riders and brand ambassadors will also be doing the same: names like Mathieu van der Poel, Pauline Ferrand-Prévot, Alejandro Valverde, Troy Brosnan and Fabio Wibmer. From all-rounders to road specialists, mountain bike racers, and gravity stars. Battle-hardened veterans and rookies alike. They all love riding for their own reasons. And they want to share their special moments with the world.

We’d love it if you could help make World Bicycle Day 2020 bigger and better than ever, by inspiring people to share their stories. Spread the word about what we’re doing at Canyon, and encourage them to join in. This is everyone’s chance to become a storyteller. Using the hashtags #whyiride #mycanyon #worldbicycleday let’s reach out to an entire worldwide community on Facebook and Instagram – and connect with each other more than ever.

Source: Canyon Bicycles

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