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Bontrager Velocis MIPS Helmet Review – So Safe, its Dangerous (for your rivals)

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The Bontrager Velocis is a pace-breaking, aerodynamic road bike helmet. Its exclusive approach to making you faster, is riddled with Bontrager’s superb quality mentality. All while preserving a constant, ultimate, head-shield vibe, and making you even more dangerous on the race track!

I embarked on a 3-month test, of this formidable cycling helmet. The Velocis first stole the king’s throne as a crown authority to winning races. It made me effortlessly faster on our test course. The helmet’s aero features and powerful design, formulated together made it ideal for lancing the wind and picking up speed during long rides.

Supreme Crash Defence

The Velocis came fully integrated with the best brain protection system to date. The MIPS (Multi-directional Impact Protection System) technology, was able to reduce the fatality of brain damage, upon impact. That sure was inspiring, knowing that I’ve got the best technology to survive and stay alive! Even odd-angled impacts, were no match for MIPS.

Bontrager applied the Boa Fitting system to the Velocis. Which in this case helped keep the helmet glued to your head. It was easy to adjust and find the ideal fit. Once I did, it locked on to the shape of my head, and I impolitely said good-bye to helmet bobbing!

Cooler than You!

Not only did the Velocis keep me as cool as a cucumber, but also adopted some anti-heat tactics. The internal airflow tunnels, were strategically grooved into the shape of the helmet. Then, the 37.5 fit pads, lined the inside of the helmet, and helped to absorb moisture. Overall the helmet definitely felt a lot airier and less congested on my head. I could feel cool, and stay aero!

Speaking of aerodynamics, the Velocis was shaped, and patterned after the ideal streamline that a bullet creates. The airflow around the helmet, was now able to glide over my head, with less friction. Which made me faster on the road.

Bontrager haven’t skimped on the functionality of the Velocis, despite it having been designed with high-performance in mind. A pale weight of 266-grams on the medium size, meant my head was not limited in its range of movement. Then, the nifty sunglasses port added to the helmet’s already functional design.

Bontrager has Your Head…

I was stoked to ride and wear a Bontrager helmet. Here’s why; if within the first year of owning this helmet I crash (for whatever reason), and the Velocis took the punch, Bontrager would supply me with a free replacement! How rad is that!? Next time you’re hesitant to go all-out, don’t be. Take it from me; Bontrager has your back, or should I say, head!?

The Ride:

One could suggest that after 3-months of testing the Velocis, I would’ve uncovered all its secrets – well that was not the case. The Velocis continued to raise the bar on test rides, and ultimately got me to reshuffle my test report notes. Two things remained constant, however. Aerodynamics and comfort. I could always bet on those two aspects to get me riding faster.

The air flowed cleanly through the vents on the helmet. In fact, I enjoyed the circulation of air, as it would dry up moisture. That way it kept the sweat from trickling down into my eyes. Not to mention the fact that I was able to approach the track ahead, with a light head (see what I did there).

Okay, that’s enough babbling from my side… Time for some serious cyclist banter!  I took the Velocis on some long rides during my test. I can honestly say, that I hardly noticed the helmet on my head. I suppose 266-gram feathery weight, made sure it would plonk itself down and stay there, without much hassle.

Bontrager made sure that the Velocis lessened strain on my neck, and felt cosy to wear. Ultimately, this gave the Velocis a ‘just ride’ type of character. Meaning that I would spend less time fiddling with my helmet, and worrying about safety and style. The helmet also comes with a detachable Bontrager NeoVisor. So on those extra sunny days, I was able to keep my face looking shady.


The Bontrager Velocis felt super airy and secure during my test. It’s my prime choice of a helmet when wanting to enjoy the simple velocity element on a bicycle. To spark-up the question of whether the technology and ride experience, is worth the R3 299.00 price. I suggested a definite nod of the head. Its reliable, and is what the pros use to do their reckoning in races.

There has been some debate as to whether you can wear the Velocis when going mountain biking. So can you? Oh yes! According to Trek, the helmet will keep you safe in the event of a crash, no matter what the terrain. Plus, it looks super rad to wear for XC-racing – just saying.

Bontrager Velocis Helemet Review – So Safe, its Dangerous (for your rivals)


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