Bike Log

Its all about the bikes!

Choosing and buying the right bike for you shouldn’t be a lengthy process of research, and information overload. By all means give it a fair amount of thought before making the purchase, and we believe that you should be well informed either way. However, we’ve simplified the research process of buying the right bike for you, with our Bike Log. On this section of our site, you’ll find every single bike we’ve tested, mentioned, or have spoken about, compiled into a convenient and easy to navigate ranking system. 

Zero to Hero!

How we rank a bike, really depends on its technology and ride feel. By looking at the components that each bike makes use of, and how it rides, helps us determine what the bike is meant for. And therefore, what type of rider its meant for. It’s no use you purchase a mountain bike that’s built for downhill, when you actually want a bike that’s built for cross-country. 

Contact a Bike Expert

To further revolutionize your bike buying process, you now have the opportunity to chat to an expert in the cycling industry! How awesome is that!? Never feel like you’re making a decision to purchase a particular bike on your own. We’ve got an expert always on stand-by to answer any question you may have!