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9 Exciting New Cycling Innovations!!!

The cycling industry continues to excite tech lovers, with these awesome innovations, new that will keep you talking!

  1. dirtysixerbike_header                                                                           A trend that commuters are taking a fancy to, in the USA, are 36ers! Yes, you heard me right! So far the most popular company producing these bikes is Dirty Sixer Bikes. The reason that Dirty Sixer decided to start making 36-inch wheel bikes, is based on the “Tall Man, Big Wheels” concept. Their bikes are specially designed for large and tall riders, however we foresee that these bikes will stay built for commuters, as they don’t fit the racing, manoeuvrability of mountain bikes or road bikes.
  2.   Hope-44T-Cass-587x391                                                                                                                             The future of cassettes, sees them made lighter by making the smaller set of cogs out of steel, while the larger cogs out of aluminium. An example of this is a Hope cassette. It has the 7 smaller cogs made out of steel and larger 4 cogs out of aluminium. This design of the two-piece cassette is resulting in a cassette weight of under 300 grams.
  3. LEV-integra-400x400                                                                                                                                                                                  KS have launched their wireless dropper seat post prototype! KS have their prototype exactly where they want it, with all the major details worked out and the minor details nearing completion, we estimate by early 2017 you’ll see them in production.

It works exactly the same as a normal dropper seat post, same buttons, same method of moving up and down, except no cables! The weight is about the same as a wired dropper seat-post, but we will only know the final weight when KS releases it.

  1. Stamp_RedLarge_LG                                                                                                                  Crank Brothers are designing and making their pedals as narrow as 12mm in thickness, giving you more ground clearance and allowing for added grip.
  2. FSA have revised their 2017 crank set modular system by making it compatible with a standard or boost system. Basically it is now easier to run and swap 1,2 or 3 cogs on FSA’s Bottom Brackets!
  3. tyre-image-MinionDHF_mtyre-image-Highroller_m                                                                                                                   Tyre manufacturers are extending their ranges of tyres for 27.5+ wheels! Such as the Maxxis Reakon, High-Roller and Minion are available in 27.5+.
  4.  sram_mtb_nx_cassette_pg1130_side_lsram_mtb_nx_crank_1000_32t_al_spider_24mm_side_black_lsram_mtb_nx1_shifter_front_black_l                                                                                                                         Sram has brought out their NX drivetrain! The NX features Sram’s exact same quality of their high-end drivetrains, but at a lower price.

The future idea is to make 1x drivetrains cheaper and more affordable, just like the NX.


  1. sm_level_ultimate_lever_3q_black_l_1sm_level_ultimate_caliper_rotor_front_black_l                                                                                                                              Another innovation from Sram is their new Level Brakes, built for xc-racing. The Level is about 60-80 grams lighter than the Guide and works with 2 pistons on each calliper. This is the future of brakes!!!

    A revolutionary pump, is the description of Topeak’s JoeBlow Booste pump. This pump is the answer to the pumping difficulty of tubless tyres, when being seated on the rim.

The JoeBlow Booste pump converts from a regular track pump into charge mode with a flick of a switch!

How it works:

When you pump, the air is stored in a cylinder on the pump. With a maximum pressure of 160 psi, you flick a switch and that stored air pressure is released into the tyre with a sudden burst. This acts as a compressor, but just attached to a pump.

joeblow_booster_gauge_3 joeblow_booster

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