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2017 Cannondale Scalpel SI rivals Specialized’s S-Works Epic


Cannondale and Specialized, both have major experience when it comes to building and designing bikes. With the launch of Cannondale’s new 2017 Scalpel SI, kitted out with all the latest bells and whistles in frame tech, you can expect a lot of attention to be drawn to this bike. (and we’ll tell you why in just a minute). But what does the Epic have to say about this?!

Cannondale Scalpel SI 2017 Team


Cannondale have designed the 2017 Scalpel SI to be the boss of xc-racing. It is built to be more manoeuvrable, faster and lighter! Let’s take a look at the tech.

  • Geometry

Geometry plays a key role when building an xc bike. Cannondale designed the Scalpel SI 2017 with a shorter chain-stay and a more forward upper and down tube, to give the bike that compact attack look. This also benefits the rider, by giving him more traction on the back wheel, and more control over the front.

  • Technology

The 2017 Scalpel is built with Cannondale’s SI (System Integration) technology. Basically this consists of Cannondale’s HollowGram cranks, Zero Pivot Flexstays and Ai offset drivetrain train with Out-Front Geometry. All this adds to the Scalpel’s overall performance.

Let’s not forget the Lefty! With this bad-boy equipped on the Scalpel, you corner on your precise line of riding and have the ultimate control. The Lefty is also slightly stiffer, allowing you to channel your energy exactly where it is needed.


  • Hidden Detail

Just when you think that’s it, it’s not! Cannondale have paid attention to detail. Obviously they used their best carbon fibre on the bike’s frame. The BallisTec carbon fibre. But what’s new is their LOCKR Pivot System, which basically joins the two parts of the swing arm at the rear shock. By the way, Cannondale made use of RockShox incredible new and improved Monarch rear shock to add to the overall performance of the bike. Finally, Cannondale have neatened up the external frame area of the Scalpel by equipping it with internal cable routing. One thing is for sure with this bike, you are going to be a boss on the xc-courses.


Specialized S-Works Epic 29

The Specialized S-Works Epic 29 claims to be the finest xc bike money can buy, and we can see why Specialized made that statement. The technology that this bike is made with and features is some of the best in the world. The Scalpel SI has a tough rival!


The frame of the S-Works Epic 29 is made from Specialized’s FACT 11mm. This ensures quality that you’d expect from Specialized. Light-weight and strength is this bike’s strong point. An added feature is their xc 29 Geometry. Specialized have used this geometry to make sure you ride in a racing position, making you faster! We like the fact that a SWAT Tool Cradle is built into the frame. So this bike is also convenient.

The unique Mini Brain rear shock and RS-1 Brain fork are also featured on this bike. It improves rider experience by automatically controlling your suspension, therefore eliminating the worry of fiddling with your shock while riding. Plus, the Shimano XTR Di2 drivetrain sends this bike to a whole new level. So now you can focus purely on your riding.

With tech like this the rider gets the best benefit and ride experience out of his/her Epic 29.


Cannondale Scalpel SI 2017 Specialized S-Works Epic 29
Frame : 10/10 Frame : 10/10
Suspension : 9/10 Suspension : 10/10
Wheels : 9/10 Wheels : 9/10
Drivetrain : 9/10 Drivetrain : 10/10
Comfort : 10/10 Comfort : 9/10
Speed : 10/10 Speed : 10/10
Handling : 10/10 Handling : 9/10


The Cannondale Scalpel SI 2017 puts up a huge fight against the Specialized S-Works Epic 29. It is one of the few bikes that can actually rival the S-Works Epic 29. Both bikes have incredible technology, but at the end of the day it comes down to how much that technology benefits the rider. However, in this rare case we have a TIE!!!

Yes, that is correct. Both bikes are equal in tech, so now it comes down to the rider. The rider’s fitness will be the difference between these bikes…!


2 thoughts on “2017 Cannondale Scalpel SI rivals Specialized’s S-Works Epic”

  1. I just bought a 2017 Epic Comp alloy, and am loving it!!!!
    Nice to know that Cannondale is stepping up their game!!!! Cuz I got a 2013 Trigger 29 1 that I no longer ride!!! I think if I can fix the drivetrain, and upgrade the supermax to the 2.0, it may get miles again!!!! Thought I needed more than 100mm. is how I ended up with the Trigger, so I never tried the Scalpel. But now I’ve ridden the epic, I absoluley love the Race XC stuff!!! No regrets, just hope they keep improving the lower end, so we can all ride race bikes!!!!
    Thanks again brother!!!!

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